Monday, September 24, 2007

The TRUTH reveals more of Kimmer's PMs on the Kimkins site!

The TRUTH, an insider at Kimkins, continues to spill the beans on what's happening inside the Kimkins bunker. Long live The TRUTH! You are the bomb!

Here's his/her latest dispatch:

Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm Still a Ghost in Your Machine, Kimmer

Kimmer thinks the Admin that was leaking stuff is gone. Kimmer thinks the PM system is now secure. We report, you decide.

First, be sure to read parts one and two posted here in the past week. Now take at look at an even more recent exchange:

Serena wrote:

Apparently it didn't work, because they did it again! I have never felt so insulted and violated, honestly!! I never realized how all-out war this would become between everyone. I am kind of happy I am not a very active member, never had a lot of time to post a thousand PM's and threads. I guess lurking is safer.

Kimmer wrote:

Serena, I just CANNOT tell you how sad this makes me. Whoever the "mole" admin was copied many things. I can't get those back. Nothing 'new' is copied, we removed that function. I know how horrible you must feel -- really I do! What is sad is that the person who is doing this was a member -- and she is stabbing those people in the back!

Whoever I was? Nothing 'new' is copied? Removed the function? Indeed. Yes I am still here, Kimmer, on the inside, and the only one I'm stabbing in the back are you and your flying monkey minions. You continue to lie to your members and commit fraud on a grand scale. I'm not going away, and I'll be here long after you are doing the "perp walk". (Better get a huge jacket to put over your bald head for that one! I have a spare one with a Ducks Unlimited logo I can loan you, if you like.)

Posted by theTRUTH at 7:28 PM"

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