Thursday, September 27, 2007

Considering Kimkins? WAIT! Please see Christin's video blog!!!

In a poignant, heartbreaking video, Christin talks about the serious health issues she has experienced and is currently experiencing as a result of the Kimkins diet.

Christin, the woman who was recently featured on the cover of Woman's World magazine, lost 100 pounds while on the Kimkins diet. As well as losing weight, she also lost not only 60% of her hair but has been recently suffering heart arrhythmia and esophageal contractions, causing severe pain in her chest cavity.

As a result of the arrhythmia and esophageal contractions, Christin was rushed to Emergency this week. These are very serious and potentially deadly results of the Kimkins diet.

Please visit Christin's blog, The Journey, to watch her video. It is moving, heartfelt, and will save your life if you're either considering or following the Kimkins diet.

Christin's blog can be found here:

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