Monday, April 7, 2008


I was sitting on my veranda this morning, enjoying the sunshine, when my mind inexplicably wandered to thoughts of Heidi’s recent disingenuous attempts to make her starvation diet appear slightly more palatable and less nutritionally bankrupt to the few remaining resolute Kimmerphiles who continue to drink the kool-aid a la Jonestown.

Remembering Heidi’s previous stringent rebukes to KKers who, for example, asked if they could add 1 tsp. of sour cream to their diet, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and look at some old gems of Heidi's. Hopefully, they won't ruin your day...

"I've lost weight many times in my life."

"I've been at goal for nearly 6 years and my old 318-pound life seems like eons ago!"

"As my 40th birthday approached I had a talk with myself, 'Kimmer, this is getting ridiculous. Lose a little, gain it back, lose a lot, gain it back. You need to either do it once and for all, or give it up and accept your size 26 life.'"

"Slowly I sat myself down on the couch and knew this was it. No more excuses. What had I let happen to myself? How in denial can a person be? "

"Yes, 160 pounds lost in 7 months and 200 pounds in just under 1 year. It's totally possible!"

"The weight losses that Kimkins member post are just as impressive (in some cases, more so!) I lost 17 lbs the first 10 days, which is typical for me and Kimkins, after that roughly 4-6 lbs a week. No sweat."

"I find it hard to believe that some people consider a “stall” to be no weight loss for 4 weeks! Yikes! After just 4 days I'd be demanding a Congressional investigation! There is absolutely no reason, none, to "stall" unless you want to."

"I have always lost weight quickly."

'I accept all compliments from handsome men! Losing 200 lbs has literally been like freeing an albatross from around my neck. I was so desperately unhappy. Despite lying to myself that my size didn't matter, and although I was blessed with good health despite 300+ pounds, I knew I was harming my body."

"Now, a slim size 4, I look back and wonder what took me so long to get serious? I now fit into theater seats without even touching the arms! Seat belts aren't anxiety provoking. My confidence has soared! No longer do I fear developing diabetes."

"But probably the most blessed part of being thin and healthy is the pride my children have in me. No longer do I wonder whether they might be embarrassed by their 318-pound mom at school events or the mall. It almost seems as though they show me off!"

"First, I removed all of the instant “pop in your mouth” junk and stuck whatever else in the freezer. Second, as I dropped my pounds my “too big” clothes were donated to the homeless shelter where I volunteer. Third, I needed a reminder the first few days so I placed masking tape in a large X across my bedroom doorway so as I woke in the morning I'd automatically remember I was on a mission to lose 200 pounds!"

"I don't ever want to regain my weight. As a reminder, I hung onto a pair of size 26 jeans which I keep hanging in a corner of my closet. I bring them out once a week and try them on. Once again, I can't believe I was ever that big! What was I thinking?"

"No one knows better than I how miserable it is to be obese."

"Not everyone gets from A-Z in the weight loss game the first try. Or the second."

"Frankly, when I see the tight knit family our Kimkins members have built for each other, I almost wish I was starting my weight loss journey all over again. Almost."

"OK fellow fasters, today is the day! Last night I taped my bedroom doorway with a piece of thin masking tape, so I'd walk through it this morning and it would remind me today is the start of my 30 day water fast (I'm a creature of habit and would have gone right to the fridge for a glass of diet 7-Up or Cystal Light otherwise, LOL ) This morning I weighed 136."

"I started at 318...and then my final weight now is between 118-122 or just in between there. And it did take 11 months. And that includes losing 11 lbs the first day, I’m a water sponge, I retain water like no one you’ve ever met."

Jimmy Moore: "So how long has it been since you’ve kept the weight off?"
Heidi Diaz: "It’s been five, five and a half years."
Jimmy Moore: "So a little more than five years, you’ve maintained right around that 118-122 mark."
Heidi Diaz: "Yeah. Yeah."

"Kimkins is a combination of the original 1972 Atkins, a little bit of Stillman’s, plus my own tweaks, with a lower calorie emphasis."

Jimmy Moore: "Well um, just to make it real clear, about how many calories do you think that is?"
Heidi Diaz: "When I checked it seemed to be between 1400 and 1700 a day (J: OK) which is, which is perfect for carbs seem to be 80 to 100ish, sometimes I go over..."
Jimmy Moore: "Is the Kimkins diet safe to do over the long term, now you’ve been eating this way what, six or seven years now, and you seem to be doing well –"
Heidi Diaz: I haven’t died yet – "

"I also turn teenagers away...we have teenagers on site, but teenagers as I know first hand, tend to be extreme."

"Don’t panic about low calories."

"As long as you have sufficient body fat you don’t need to eat calories."

"As you lose weight, your body will need fewer calories."

"Your calories were a bit high at 1350′ish."

"If I am already deep in to kimkins (on week 3) and losing about a pound a day on 500-700 calories."

"Eating beef for the first time can cause a temporary “scale” stall."

"For me it was Captain Morgan & Wild Cherry Pepsi … and not just one."

"The bottom line for the Domino Effect is that when your carbs are cut to the bone and you FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT and not eat when you’re not hungry … calories get very low and you lose like crazy! "

"I knew my calories would drop like a rock once my appetite was gone, but low calories alone aren’t enough. It has to be very, very low carb low calories. "

"Consider countries where food is scarce and citizens very thin. Why aren’t their bodies holding onto fat? Isn’t that supposed to be what happens? Remember holocaust victims who survived on very, very little. Both examples lost weight quickly on very low calories."

"Well 24 lbs in 2.5 weeks is excellent by any standards! What are you eating at 300-500 calories? Your carbs must be around 4-6 per day?The most common “domino interruption” cause is adding a food."


Heidi, looking at your most recent picture above, I see that your KK diet isn't working too well for you.

Have you tried Atkins? You might want to give it a whirl before the hoedown in Las Vegas.

BTW, I'll be joining you and your fellow KKers there! I adore Las Vegas. Maybe you can give me some pointers on craps...because you're such an expert on crap.

Some of the above quotations were taken from a blog post by my fellow blogger, MJR. Please take a moment to read her wonderful blog post here:

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Anonymous said...

Talking is illegal.

MrsMenopausal said...

"Is it too late to take that back?"

The lies and BS are just so unbelievable. I'm so glad there's proof of the things she said,advised,and promoted.
It's all just so unreal.

My blog: Weighing The Facts

Medusa said...

saladbar bie...Huh?

Anonymous said...

wow seeing them all in one place was so strange. Thanks for taking the time to dig them all out.

Anonymous said...

Where is samredman now? Is this enough "fraud" for him?

Anonymous said...

STALKING IS ILLEGAL so if you go to Las Vegas and stalk Kimmer you will be arrested. I collect postcards so please send me a Las Vegas postcard, with the Las Vegas postmark. See if you can find a postcard that has some famous casinos on it. And please be sure to put the right stamp on it! If you get arrested be sure to mail the postcard to me first, because they probably won't let you send postcards from the jail. OH! And please get Kimmer's autograph on the postcard! That would be great.

MrsMenopausal said...

I don't think samredman is really interested in what's what. I think he/she is more interested in the attention and the pot stirring. JMO

Anonymous said...

Saladbar bie, dear, you're a moron. Now scamper on back to Mama Hidey and behave yourself.

Like anyone would know if someone was watching the Kimkinites at Vegas. Have you ever been there? There's not a place on the strip that isn't crowded 24-7.

Anonymous said...

Cuidadamos el lobo en piel de cordero.