Monday, April 28, 2008


Well, the LCF mods are at it again on the Fascination thread...deleting and chopping posts.

The latest flurry of post cleansing is continuing as a result of uber-sleuth thetruthinhiding (TTIH) posting information about Gary Fontaine, one of Kimmer's lackeys at Kimkins.con. Gary has earned a rather sordid reputation for, among other things, leaving obnoxious, nasty, and offensive comments on AmyB's blog.

thetruthinhiding's beautiful avatar

On April 21, 2008, TTIH posted this in response to a post of HoneyBee2's:


Originally Posted by HoneyBee2

Hi Amy I am days behind on blog posts of everyone, but I just
commented about one of the people posting to you there on your blog.

Did you note their screen name- vatefairefoutrelol

I looked at it and thought if you break the name down into parts it reads:
va te faire foutre lol

va te faire foutre

It is a French expletive of “go .... yourself”
and of course lol
Meaning to "laugh out loud."

Their comments on your blog all make since now.....I wonder who it could be?!?!? "

That is Gary. lasttime4me, Admin at KK."


Well, with that bombshell from TTIH comes his/her next post on 04-22-2008, 08:17 AM:

Originally Posted by HoneyBee2
Thanks for the info T-
Do you say that based on the IP that Amy had posted with the comment or based on the email addy or the screen name or how did you determine it was Gary? "

Call it an educated guess. But I is very edumacated.

We have Gary's phone number if anyone wants to ask him if it was him."

So AmyB takes up TTIH's offer, calls Gary, and has yet to receive a response from him. To think that a grown man would make such offensive and hateful remarks about AmyB and her son, Philip, is truly mind-boggling.

Now the story takes a twist...literally. LCF mods get their knickers in a twist and start deleting Gary's info as posted by TTIH.

Next comes an edict from Cheri, one of the LCF mods, which TTIH has quoted in the following post:

Originally Posted by cheri
Here is a
reminder... Please PLEASE
do not post someones name and personal information
on this site. It is not
allowed. I am sure most of you wouldn't like it if
people posted your name and
address on a message board for thousands of
people to see. There are also those
that will end up calling the person or
their work to harrass or cause problems
in their real lives and it could get
you into a lot of trouble.

First names are okay... last names,
addresses, phone numbers and emails are not
allowed so please stop doing it

Thank you!


It just came to my attention that Gary's last name was also edited out. I have to inquire why? I understand swalt, but Gary WORKS for Heidi as a paid admin. I didn't post his home address or phone number or anything. We can say Heidi Diaz, but we can't say Gary Fontaine? How about Delaney Deaver? These are paid minions of Heidi and as such have no right to privacy protection by LCF. Yes, I know Gary contacted LCF and threatened police action, but if we start falling victim to intimidation, what good are we? I'll wait patiently to see what happens to this post before I decide my next course of action. It is a shame because I really enjoy conversing with the good folks here, but if I can't say Fontaine, I'll take it elsewhere. Shame!

ETA: The info I posted was researched via publically available (or semi-publically available to anyone in Kimkins). There was no reason to censor it. You would have us allow Heidi's paid minions to hide behind a cloak of LCF? What about the tag put on LittleSina outing her as Singinglass? Is it ok, as long as an admininstrator does it? Let's have an open discussion about this here. Disappearing posts in what happens inside Kimkins.

Blog: The TRUTH Starts Here
04-28-2008, 09:56 AM"

And then TOM RODDY, owner of Netrition and Grand Poobah of LCF, replies to TTIH:

"We will take your word for now that Gary is a paid Kimkins administrator.

I am not aware of any threatened police action or legal action to LCF by Gary or anyone else from Kimkins.

In general, we don't want this site being used to aid in the harassment or slandering of other people or businesses. There will be many judgment calls made by admins in what not to allow - and we ask for your patience and understanding since we often don't have complete information but plenty of complaints from both sides.

We occasionally read this thread and some of the blogs, but please understand that the admins are not able to keep up with everything that is going on in this or all the other topics discussed on this board. We ask for your help in bringing our attention to areas that need to be addressed.

We do not claim to offer full freedom of speech here, but we attempt to be fair in permitting discussions according to our Terms of Service. If there are topics that you would like to discuss that are not appropriate for this board, feel free to take it to your own personal blog or another message board.
04-28-2008, 12:05 PM "

And then TTIH responds to Tom:

"Thanks Tom. I understand that full freedom of speech cannot be offered here, and nor do most of us expect it. There are a growing number of disgruntled folks who do disagree with where the lines are drawn and how inconsistently they seem to be drawn. Thanks for the open/honest response.

Well, I got what I consider to be a decent reply from Tom, and then, just now I get an infraction in my PM for the same exact post. Oh well. Not supposed to mention that here.
04-28-2008, 12:09 PM "

Sorry to hear you received another infraction, TTIH. Once those start piling up, you'll be added to the ban roster at LCF, so watch your back.

Now, let's get back to Heidi's bag man, Gary Fontaine. For those who are unfamiliar with Gary, here again is his photograph which has been posted all over the internet, so please spare me whining e-mails that I got it from inside KK...I didn't:

And for those who feel compelled to get to know him better, the following should provide you with enough information to do so:

LINK to Gary's PUBLIC information on the internet:

And be sure to read Mariasol's excellent post on Gary Fontaine here. It's a thing of beauty:

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm wondering if I had a visit from Gary on my blog too. I was told the ip address is a proxy - so who knows for sure? But, I'm willing to bet it's one of three people. What do you think?

Medusa said...

MJR, is this the comment?

"Get Real Says:

April 28, 2008 at 2:03 pm
The only thing dark and dangerous about the diet has been the pathetic people with agenda’s trying to place blame when they have had other previous underlying eating disorders or psychological issues all along that caused them to take it to extremes."

If you e-mail the IP of the commenter, I'll see what I can find out for you, MJR ;^)

My new e-mail is

Anonymous said...

Yep - that's the one.
Check your email... it's on it's way.

Thanks Medusa!


Medusa said...

I'm on it, MJR ;^)

theTRUTH said...

Nice. Much of what you quoted here was either edited by LCF mods before or after you quoted it. I came up blank on MJR's IP. Let us know if you can do better.

Mayberryfan said...

Geez, how many times have I posted something about "Bonnie Luper" on the FWK threads? I didn't realize that was a crime. Nobody ever said a word. But, if someone puts their own info out there publicly, what's to get so all-f1red upset over? I am confuzzled!

theTRUTH said...

I continue to be post edited and deleted, but my single infraction was withdrawn due to miscommunication between mods.

Medusa said...

Thanks, truth.

I'll go through my blog post tomorrow and compare those quoted posts from LCF with ones that were saved, hopefully saved intact before the mods edited them.

If I'm able to come up with the unedited posts, I will edit my blog post (and, as well, update it with any more LCF shenanigans that may have transpired since my post was published).

I'll let you know if I come up with anything re MJR's IP.

Medusa said...

Mayberry, I couldn't agree more.

It's all becoming rather Pythonesque ;^)

theTRUTH said...

I am working it out with Tom. I think at the time he was replying to me, another mod was cleansing and issuing an infraction without seeing Tom's response. I think we are getting it worked out.

Medusa said...

thetruth said...
"I think we are getting it worked out."

THIS time.

Call me cynical ;^)

theTRUTH said...

Glad you like the avatar. Some find it scary. But like you I think it is beautiful. I like that dichotomy.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. The people who are supposedly moderating the fascination threads are too busy to moderate the fascination threads?

The moderators are contradicting the admin, who is in turn contradicting the moderators? All of whom are at the same time obviously unable to agree on exactly what the TOS does and does not say, and in what cases and to which posters the TOS does and does not apply?

Tom says "we don't want this site being used to aid in the harassment or slandering of other people or businesses" including, apparently, Heidi's businesses.

At any rate, kudos to T and HB and everyone else who spoke up -- even the whiff of questioning anything a mod or admin does at LCF has gotten a lot of us banned and/or moderated out of existence, so it's astounding to see other people outright questioning and still being allowed to continue to participate in the thread.

Anonymous said...

oh WOW Medusa this new place looks so great! Brava & congrats!

Medusa said...

Aw, thanks, Yucky :^)

It's still a mirror of my old blog but I'm sure with a little tweaking and moving things around, I'll have it in a fine mess in no time...really :^)

Anonymous said...

Apparently, LCF staff are just as confused as anti-ducks about the meaning of the word slander?

"Your Honor, The Truth slandered me"
"With what?"
"Uh, um, er, the truth Your Honor!"

Medusa said...

LMAO, Cognomen!

I always get such a kick out of your comments on Yucky's.

Thanks for dropping by and giving me my first belly laugh of the day :^)

Anonymous said...

Good Luck in your endeavors, however I believe people should not be posting others private information anywhere.

If a person does it themselves, that's one thing but just because it can be found elsewhere on the net doesn't make it right to copy it or publish it.

You could inadvertently be putting someones life, or livelihood in jeopardy.

As much as I have enjoyed reading the blogs, it is getting out of hand, even Blogger says you can NOT be posting Maps to Gary's House.

I believe in free speech as much as anyone, however I also don't believe in taking advantage of that to justify wrongful actions in the name of any cause.

Look at the bottom entry of this claim form he could fill out if he knew or wanted to:

Medusa said...

Anonymous, thank you for your comment and expressing your concerns.

The information that has been posted in my blog post can be obtained by anyone doing a Google or Whitepages search.

The information is in the Public domain and is, therefore, not in violation of Blogger's TOS.

Anonymous said...

Was wondering why I hadn't seen a reference to your blog lately on the WFK thread... ;)

Medusa said...


Tom & the mods at LCF don't take kindly to linking to excoriating posts ;^)