Thursday, April 24, 2008


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Bonnie Luper, Founder of the Magic Chicken Diet

Well, from all appearances, the only people barely sustaining life on the Magic Chicken Diet are Bonnie and her sock puppets. The forum is dead as a doornail and Bonnie is MIA, as usual.

I'd wager the reason for its failure to catch the dieting world by storm is the main staple of the diet: chicken...and canned chicken, to boot.

Now, canned chicken tops my list as one of the most disgusting things imaginable. It's right up there with tripe, tongue, and sweetbreads.

For those who do enjoy a hearty lunch of canned chicken, I thought you might be interested in this little news item.

A question was asked by Toronto's Kirsten Thompson in the Globe and Mail this past week regarding "mechanically de-boned chicken."

Here is John Matthewson's response:

Mechanically de-boned chicken, he writes, is where "the meat is not cut off the bone using the traditional methods. Think of it as a horizontal hydraulic press. In the case of mechanically de-boned chicken, the raw material, usually the backs and necks," is compressed by two powerful pistons in a cylinder that contains many small holes.

"The soft material, which is the meat, is extruded through the holes, collected and used in food products while the compressed bone is dropped out of the bottom of the machine and rendered."

Now, how gross is that? No wonder Bonnie's finding it difficult to whip up enthusiasm for her "magic" canned chicken diet.

If you look at the screen shots above taken today of the Magic Chicken website, you'll see there are still red "x"s where the pictures of her members' "Success Stories" should be. Who are her success stories? Why are they so reticient in allowing their pictures to be posted on her site? I'm willing to wager there are no success stories, ergo no pictures.

And, Bonnie, I'm still waiting for an answer as to what happened to all of your excess skin. If you had plastic surgery, which I highly suspect (not that there's anything wrong with that), at least be truthful about it. And what about the rumour circulating that you had gastric bypass surgery? So many questions, and no forthcoming answers.

My previously-posted questions to Bonnie can be found here:

Hope to hear from you, Bonnie, so we can finally put this mechanically de-boned magic chicken to rest. RIP

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Anonymous said...

Just wondering. Anybody check the Fort Worth obits recently?

Medusa said...

Yucky, do you mean obits for people, or the pet obits for chickens?

Which reminds me...I have a blog post to put up about an obit. Off to work on it... :^)

mariasol said...

The domain is expiring on May 2nd: 2 more weeks of magic chicken

bluesuede said...

Is mechanically deboned magic chicken anything like a mechanical bull?

Medusa said...

Actually, the diet itself is a lot of bull, bluesuede :^)

So, May 2/08 is D-Day on the old Magic Chicken website, mariasol. Great post, BTW.

Well, with Bonnie being MIA for so long, she's probably forgotten to note that date on the calendar...with any luck. ;^)

Magicsmom said...

The amazing part is that even today you could go to the MCD website and plunk down your cash to join. Barnum and Bailey would be proud.

Medusa said...

magicsmom, I hope no one spends one red cent to join that 3-ring circus ;^)

Mayberryfan said...

You know, I don't give a chicken's butt where Bonnie Luper is, but what about Suzy? I keep checking the milk cartons at Wal-Mart to see if I can spot her. Last I checked, she was MIA from the MCD forum.

Suzy, check in with us. We're worried about you!