Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The Jimmer's new forum is back up, and as I read his latest post on his blog today, there was one sentence that speaks volumes to me of a rather narcissistic personality:

"Special thanks to Amy at the Eating Low forum as well as Tom at the Low-Carb Friends forum for opening the doors to their respective sites over the past few weeks to my forum members who were going through withdrawals without their favorite forum." (bolding and underscoring mine)

Well, that's a rather back-handed, disingenous "thank you," Jimmer.

Why didn't you just say, "Hey, thanks a bunch for letting my members hang out at your second-rate fora while my forum, their very most favorite one in the whole wide world, was down"?

Humble pie, Jimmer. Humble pie.


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OhYeahBabe said...


That seems to be my word of the day today!

Anonymous said...

"Not so much"
That's been my catch phrase this month as my DH asked too many times "Wasn't that smart?"

Now I read something like that and it's the first thing that pops in my head.

Medusa said...

LOL, OYB and Cognomen!

Yep, seriously, OYB ;^)

And Cognomen, your catch phrase is perfect in this instance. LOL

bluesuede said...

Well, I went over there to look, and I sure didn't see anything to write home about. It still amazes me that someone who has been involved in the "computer" world as long as he has, did not take more precautions with his forum.

Anonymous said...

Ya, it did cmoe off that way.. Hmmph at Jimbo

Anonymous said...

Oh JOY! Oh Happy Day! Jimmy's forum is back! **swoon**
And its costing him SO MUCH to do this, too. **guilt**
Thank God, the JIMMER is here to save us! **sarcasm**

All can say "Phhblaaat!"


Nancy Ellyn said...

Well....hmmmmm.....pretty self involved and egotistical. UHHHH, could sound like someone that rhymes with Jimmer, no?

xxoo love you Medusa!

Medusa said...

LOL, Nancy Ellyn!

I don't know if you read Jimmy's comments on a post I did a while back about his treatment of his brother, Kevin. If you didn't, here's the URL to copy and paste in your browser:

Jimmy didn't take kindly to the comments posters left. LOL!

Love you too, doll!

PS Made another one of your pizzas for die for! I could give you a great big hug for that wonderful recipe of yours :^)

Nancy Ellyn said...

I read every last word of that post. Oh my lord, I didn't realize anyone had noticed the similarity with "Scammer" and "Jimmer".

What's with these self professed "diet gurus"????????????

Hasn't anyone ever heard of being humble? I don't know what his deal is......

I'm sooooo thrilled you like the pizza, love! It's keeping you skinny, too, isn't it?????


livin la vida full of crap......ha!
livin la vida delusional
livin la vida Jimmer

Medusa said...

OMG, you are TOO funny, Nancy Ellyn!

"livin la vida full of crap......ha!
livin la vida delusional
livin la vida Jimmer"

Ha! Love, love, love your comments!

I don't know where these so-called diet gurus get their egotistical and narcissistic personalities. They must have been at the back of the line when the good qualities were being handed out :^)

And yes, my dear, your pizza is keeping me on the maintenance straight-and-narrow and skinny to boot. And I'm making your hamburger buns tomorrow :^) You rock!

Cheers, dear. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Did somebody say pizza?! Now THAT is swoonworthy.

lmao re The Jimmy. a.k.a The Self Appointed Savior of The Low Carb Community. Here -- again! -- to rescue us all.

Bless his heart :D