Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Half-awake this morning, I thought I'd catch up on the Fascination with Kimmer thread on Low Carb Friends.

As I read the first post in Thread 16 from Tom Roddy, Administrator of LCF and the owner of Netrition, my eyes popped out of my head.

Read carefully what he said:


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Why the fascination with Kimmer? #16

Welcome to: Why the fascination with Kimmer? #16As a reminder, please be respectful of dissenting views and please avoid personal insults of others - including the subject of these threads. Thank you."

Say what???

Heidi Diaz is able to personally ruin the health of thousands of people with her starvation diet but the posters on LCF are no longer able to throw barbs at her? Give me a freakin' break.

Tom Roddy, as owner of Netrition, has had his personal fortunes largely enriched by the continued support of posters on the thread, who buy their low-carb products from his company. The very reason for the thread's existence is Heidi Diaz/Kimmer and his now censuring the posters seems just a tad disingenuous to me. Tom, be careful not to cut off your nose to spite your face.

Having been banned from LCF (including the blocking of my IP), I can speak from experience when I say that ALL posters (even the favourites of Tom, Dottie, and Cheri) had better be VERY careful now not to disparage the character or form of Heidi Diaz/Kimmer.

The LCF mods love the ban buttton as much as Heidi, so, as Ivana loves to say, "Fair warning, ladies."

In the interests of free speech, I will henceforth open my blog to anyone who wants to rant about anything.

Just post a comment on this blog post and let the free flow of conversation ensue. I will not edit or delete comments.

When the comments become too lengthy I will start a new post...just like Tom, but without edicts or admonitions.


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Anonymous said...

Medusa said, "Just post a comment on this blog post and let the free flow of conversation ensue. I will not edit or delete comments."

Thanks, Medusa!

How about adding PJ/rightnow to your list of Ducky possiblities for the last three days of voting? (Even though we all know that PJ/rightnow is definitely not Ducky.)

Medusa said...

You're welcome, anonymous!

I'd love to add PJ/rightnow to the poll but I can't edit the poll once a vote is made.

In fact, moments after I had put up the poll, I thought of a few other names I'd like to add, but couldn't because someone had just voted. :^)

So, what do you think about CJane being Ducky? She's leading the poll :^)

Anonymous said...

CJane? Not one of my leading candidates.

Her posts at LCF tend to be brief and to-the-point. Ducky uses far more words to get the message across. CJane's sense of humor seems to be different as well. Less mean-spirited and more self deprecating.


Mayberryfan said...

I'm gonna give Tom the benefit of the doubt and think his edict on #16 is just an attempt at self preservation.

I could be wrong, though. It has happened once or twice before! :P

Anonymous said...

Brava Medusa! And as I was saying yes it's convenient to have the FWK threads at LCF, but that convenience comes at a price -- the inconsistent, unfair and often irrational moderation -- Dottie and Cheri's pet tattletales -- that ridiculous little tappy-foot emoticon -- and the continual fear that at any moment Tom will decide to delete the FWK threads from the face of the earth and ban whoever hasn't already been banned.

As some of you may know, for months now a small team has been copying and saving all the FWK threads, slowly but surely, just in case.

The work is still in progress and help would be appreciated (though the weedpulling project, we feel, is a priority by far!)

Anybody is welcome to these files, and there are countless free forum hosting sites around the net where anybody can set up new headquarters for the FWK threads, free of charge and free of interference.

I'd intended to have this done already, and call it "Why The Fascination With The Why The Fascination With Kimmer Threads" :D but keep getting distracted due to short-attention span and ridiculous habit of chasing wabbits and trying to do too many things at one time.

Prudentia said...

Hmm. That comment of his didn't particularly strike me. But what I do find interesting is the failure to include the links to the previous 15 threads. That was so convienent.

Anonymous said...

Medusa - I have been curious for a while but was afraid it was rude to ask - but now my curiousity is too much....Why were you banned from LCF? Do you mind talking about it?

Medusa said...

Terry, please don't feel it's rude to ask! I don't mind talking about it at all.

Around the time I joined LCF (under the name Belladonna), Fluffybear2 was a prolific poster in the FWK thread, always spouting pro-KK/vLCD rhetoric. I submitted a few replies to her inflammatory comments, which I noticed weren't posted on the thread. I was fairly new to LCF and couldn't figure out what was going on and why my posts didn't appear.

I then tried posting another rebuttal to Fluffy and got a warning that I was being rude. Honestly, my rebuttal to Fluffy wasn't rude (well, maybe a little bit sarcastic).

The next post I made was in response to another member's post and I used the multi-quote feature. I immediately received a notice from LCF that my response was too long for the thread. That didn't make sense to me at all because I had only quoted 2 or 3 lines of the other member's post.

The straw that broke the camel's back was one morning, after reading another of Fluffy's vLCD diatribes, I submitted a post, asking where the "ignore" button was (Ixtapacheryl had asked the same question earlier in the FWK thread but I couldn't find the response).

Well, it was very early in the morning and my question about the ignore button landed on the thread immediately following Fluffy's post.

And bam, that was it. Banned.

Terry, even my IP is banned. I have to use a circuitous route to even view the FWK thread to this day.

And that's why I started my blog :^)

Anonymous said...

{{{Medusa}}} It's so not fair. And by banning you, they've deprived the fascination thread posters of an intelligent and funny friend. Their loss, but a gain for antiKK blogdom.

Whoever banned you is an utter moron.

Medusa said...

Aw, thanks, Yucky :^)

Well, I'm fortunate in that many from LCF comment on my blog, so I've gotten to know them here.

And some have become good friends.