Saturday, February 2, 2008


...and not one ounce of truth from Kimmer:

Believe me, the only meaning of "fast" that Heidi Diaz is familiar with is how fast she can lighten your wallet and hide the money in some bogus bank account.

This was posted by wifezilla yesterday on LCF:

"How about this blast from the past where a woman complains to kimmer she is dizzy and kimmer tells her to cut her calories for a week??!?!?!?

Well, knowing full well that Heidi Diaz has never fasted on water for more than 30 seconds, I checked the link and found these comments from Heidi to others at LCF who requested her advice on water fasting:

"If you're an experienced faster (as in not panicking about it), then you're already ahead of the game.

When I break a water fast (I just ended a 7 day yesterday), I do it with fresh or steamed veggies. Small amounts throughout the day, minimal fat ... have to have a pinch of butter on broccoli, LOL. I don't do fruit because of the ketosis factor.

You can lose a great deal on a water fast, 1 pound per day, but be ware of looking for a quick fix. Water fasting isn't providing any nutrients and if someone "cheats" with junk food, then what "good" has been accomplished for your body? I'm not saying this about you, just people in general.

I've done many 7 and 10 day fasts, a few 30 day, one 45 day and I do a 3 day once a month (Friday morning to Sunday afternoon) ... but I've been doing this since 1982."

Hahahaha! Yeah, whatever, Heidi.

"I wish I could do pure water, I just can't. I tried it once (that thread is in Past Amazing Posts) and I was miserable.So, I drink Fruit 2 0, diet soda, watered down Crystal Light, herbal tea (no sweetener). On my weekend fasts I also sip homemade veggie broth."

Yeah, water's a bitch, isn't it Heidi?

"I'm doing my weekly shopping this afternoon and I'm going to pick up some lemons. Great idea!"

Yeah, a little slice of lemon with the Cap'n IS good!

"You won't fall into the anorexic category if you're choosing to fast and not because you can't help yourself ... and as long as you've got enough body fat."

Oh, Heidi, your delving into dangerous territory here. Who died and made you the authority on anorexia? You are one scary chick.

"Still, I wouldn't do a 30 or 45 day water fast without a doctor's supervision. Why? I don't know, I just wouldn't recommend it."

WTH??? Heidi, you don't know WHY? Hello????

"You could even supplement with 2 smallish salads and still be under 500 calories with very quick weight loss."

There's that old "500 calories" bullshite again that Heidi's always spouting. Can we say "starvation"?

"What kind of ketosis? Based on what? How many days?"

Say what? Heidi, being in ketosis is like being either are or you aren't.

"My 45 day fast was when I was 21 (I'll be 48 in may)."

LMAO! Heidi on a 45-day fast EVER??? Ha!

"This is only about water fasting: I don't get the 'starving' feeling, but my stomach will grumble on some days and carbonated diet soda fixes that. And, as you point out, if you try to eat you feel nauseous.

It's probably only me, but when the grumbling happens I'm guaranteed a 2-3 pound loss the next day (always more than 1) and there will be something physically improved. One time it was my vision (usually blurry in the morning, suddenly clear as a bell), another time my leg skin became silky (ordinarily I'm a lizard w/o lotion).

Let's not forget to check our tongues. The window to your innards! If you hav a thick white or yellow coating, give yourself a big pat on the back ... you're giving your body the best tune-up available."

I think I'll pass on checking your forked tongue, Heidi.

You know, I have a serious concern about this thread of Heidi's on LCF. I hope that someone who is unfamiliar with the Kimkins scam doesn't stumble upon it and think Heidi Diaz is an expert on water fasting.

My concern is shared also by anipomoni who posted this yesterday on LCF:

"Ok I just clicked that and I saw Kimmers response and just realized something that bothers me. She had almost 20,000 posts in many, many threads (remember, she popped in everywhere to spread her message). I am sure there are people out there that do searches and are unaware of the controversy and could likely follow her dangerous advice.

Her avatar is still up (), her fake stats are there, all the lies in her posts are there....all that visible alongside her advice and people are going to buy it. I am not saying scrub everything...I don't think that is a good idea, but I do think a warning in the signature or something is necessary."

So let's hope LCF takes anipomoni's advice and posts a warning on all of Heidi's threads. It would be a tragedy if another person became ill because of Kimmer's scandalous advice.



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OhYeahBabe said...

Why... she'd NEVER recommend 500 calories! Oh wait, she did. In fact, she recommended 0. That fast weight loss she's talking about is muscle loss, bone loss, fluid loss, and maybe some fat at first until the oft-denied starvation mode kicks in. Not good. If she knew anything about lightening fast weight loss, don't you think she'd be DOING IT?

I'm sure she'd love nothing better than to see the Ask Kimmer thread removed. If it ever does get pulled, it will be after it's archived for review by the attorneys & judges. Meanwhile, while it's there it's providing good material for blogging. That thread is what scared me away from Kimkins to begin with, so it does do some good sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks medusa for blogging about this.
Wonder why that fasting isn't working for her now? I mean she did say on LCFs if she had it to do all over again she would so Kimmer what are you waiting for show us how well it works?