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I was reading Jimmy Moore's blog yesterday and came across a post of his from February 4, 2008. After reading it, I felt sick to my stomach. Thinking perhaps the sudden onset of nausea was an over-reaction, I checked the comments on his post:

Here is what Lori had to say:

"Lori said...

Jimmy, I can tell that you love your brother dearly, and are worried about him. And I know that when you finally achieve something, and you feel good, you want everyone to do the same thing as you so that they can share in the good feelings.

However, the only thing I could think of as I read your update about Kevin was "That poor guy". To have your brother sharing your failure with the world must be an awful feeling. To have to check in with him weekly and report that you haven't lost weight to one of the internet's most popular weight loss gurus must be incredibly stressful, and make him feel terrible about himself.

I am not debating the fact that being overweight is unhealthy and life-threatening, especially to someone who has already suffered a heart attack. However, to read over and over again in one article about how you expect your brother to keel over and die any second now seems so heartless. It is almost like you don't take into account his feelings at all.

I know that you can empathize with him as you were once overweight as well. But put yourself in his shoes right now, in the present. He has 2 brothers who are healthy and look good and have succeeded where he has not. That must be incredibly upsetting for him. I can imagine feelings of inadequacy, anger, frustration, hopelessness, failure, and on and on. I really feel bad for him.

Usually I love reading your blog, and find it so interesting and full of good information. But today I was saddened. I hope that your brother does not read this because I think it will break his heart.

2/05/2008 4:34 PM"



"My brother Kevin shaved his head, but hasn't cut any weight lately

It's been a long time since I've updated you about my brother Kevin. I apologize for that since so many of you have been asking about how he is doing since his weight and health have been major issues that I have blogged about often at "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb." The reason is not that I don't want to update you, but that there's not much new to share.

Now that it has been a little over two years since I first blogged about Kevin's morbid obesity, I am pleased to share that he is at least keeping his weight and health relatively stable (not GREAT news to share, but a step in the right direction). This issue has been a source of grave concern for me over the past few years since I have been able to overcome my weight and health issues and now I feel helpless to help my brother do the same thing for himself.

When I saw Kevin at Thanksgiving in 2006, I seriously thought it might be the last time I see him before the obesity took him away from us. It's a daily concern that I'm gonna get a call from my mom informing me that Kevin has died. This is so out of the ordinary for me because I am not one to dwell on such morbid thoughts. And yet it's hard not to with a brother unwilling to make the necessary changes to get healthy.


I did see Kevin again last year twice: once at our Memaw Luerene's funeral in April (where the four men of Moore were all together again for the first time in nearly two decades) and then again in December when we surprised our dad for Christmas.

And there was hope in 2007 that Kevin was losing weight and getting healthy when he reported starting to eat a low-carb diet and walking to help shed the pounds. He started feeling better and came off of some blood pressure medications which was both good and bad. It was good that he no longer needed the drugs, but bad that he felt better because he always STOPS whatever he was doing to feel better thinking he's okay. He's FAR from being okay despite the fact he did reach his 40th birthday last August.

Thankfully, Kevin calls me every weekend to stay in touch and I ALWAYS ask him about his weight and how he's doing. For the longest time, he'd report that he's down to 345, then 340, then 335. But suddenly he'd stop telling me his weight and when I'd inquire about it he'd say that it's not doing so well (which is code for he's gaining again). Recently he's been telling me that he wants to get back to walking again which is the only kind of exercise his doctor will allow him to do considering his very weakened heart (at about 15% capacity still following his heart attacks in 1999).


Flanked by my brother Nathan on the left and me on the right, Kevin certainly has plenty of motivation to eat right and get the weight off. If you've read my book Livin' La Vida Low-Carb: My Journey From Flabby Fat To Sensationally Skinny In One Year, then you know that it was Nathan who inspired me to start on the Atkins diet in the first place after his incredible weight loss success on it. Although he had slipped back into some old habits again, Nathan was recommitted to this lifestyle change when I saw him at Christmas so it was awesome to hear his enthusiasm.

I was hoping some of that would rub off on Kevin, but there he was stuffing his mouth with high-sugar, carb-loaded foods again like a drug addict who can't help himself with the crack cocaine. Yes, I know it's hard to give it up and stay on the right path, but for Kevin it MUST be done if he expects to survive much longer. It's interesting to hear him talking about the future as if he's gonna be here for decades to come. The sad reality is he is not if he remains on the current path he has chosen.

Kevin is one of the most lovable, kind human beings you will ever meet in your entire life. He's that way to a fault and it sorta defines who he is. And I'm sincerely happy that he has found himself a wonderful woman now who loves him just the way he is and takes care of him as he deserves (unlike the horrendous ex-wife that made his life a living Hell for years after his heart attacks). At least he's happy and that will help keep his stress level reduced to ward off further health complications.

But it is imperative Kevin gets SERIOUS about his health and it just baffles me that he hasn't to this point. Only when he hits rock bottom after being admitted to the hospital for chest pains does he even bother trying. Yet he starts on a plan, begins feeling better, and forgets that he's not out of the woods. It's a ruthless cycle he puts himself through and I'm frustrated that I cannot force him to understand why he needs to be livin' la vida low-carb.

Therein is the central issue of this entire discussion about my brother Kevin: it's HIS life and I have no control over him whatsoever. Until HE makes the decision to do this for himself, it's not gonna happen. Even if I could be near him in Florida, forcibly feeding him what to eat, and being next to him 24/7, none of it would matter if Kevin didn't want to do it. That's a lesson we all must learn as we talk to our friends and family who need to lose weight for the sake of their health.

Continue praying that Kevin will realize he is killing himself with his actions and that he won't give up hope that he can beat this. I believe it's not too late if he can just get down to 250 pounds or less and stay there. I KNOW he could do it just like I did, but he needs to have the WANT TO within him to make it happen. It's gonna take a miracle for him to overcome all those years of bad habits, but I still believe in the miracle-working power of God to make that happen.

THANK YOU to everyone who has shared thoughts, concerns, and prayers for Kevin over the past few years. I still hold out hope that one of these days it's all gonna finally "click" for him like it did for me. That's my prayer for him."

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posted by Jimmy Moore at 2/04/2008 02:33:00 PM 9 Comments
And this is Jimmy's response to Lori's comment:

Jimmy Moore said...

"Don't feel sad, Lori. Kevin doesn't read my blog and doesn't even have Internet access. I'm just his "lil bro" and nothing more. He knows everything I stated in this post in his heart of hearts and has just failed to do anything about it. THANK YOU for sharing your concerns, but Kevin is totally unaffected by what I've written here.
2/05/2008 4:55 PM"

Well, Jimmy, how on earth do you know that "Kevin is totally unaffected by what I've written here"? Huh?


Lori, I agree with you completely and share your concerns.

Frankly, I think it's abhorrent and unconscionable that Jimmy continues his excoriation of Kevin in his blog because of his inability to follow Jimmy's advice. See the link below for more of Jimmy's posts about Kevin.

Jimmy, here's my advice for you. Lay off him. He's your brother. I don't care if he doesn't have access to the internet but his friends may, and who knows what they're saying behind his back. At the very least, provide him a modicum of decency and quit writing about his failures and posting his picture all over your blog. I'm sure that if anyone is interested in hearing further of Kevin they could send you a private e-mail.

Frankly, Jimmy, your actions go beyond the pale.


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Anonymous said...

Oh, ugh. I'd be mortified if a sibling did this to me privately, let alone for all the world to see. Internet access or not, it's very degrading, IMO. How can you hope to lift someone up with motivation while knocking them down with humiliation? Ick.

OhYeahBabe said...

Even if he doesn't have access to Jimmy's blog, Kevin knows how Jimmy feels. It's really sad how Jimmy has to pump himself up (look at me & my success!) by making his brother look bad (I was able to overcome what you can't! If only you wanted it bad enough and were strong enough to be as good as me!).

I wonder if Jimmy remembers what it was like to have people be ashamed of him when he was overweight? Particularly by people who are supposed to love him? Why in the world would he impose that on Kevin?

It's all so very sad.

Anonymous said...

But no one else's feelings matter in Jimmyland. It's a Jimmy World after all...It's a Jimmy World after all....
Doesn't everyone see by now that it's Jimmy's way or the highway? Only adoring fans allowed.

Prudentia said...

Oh, wow. With family like that, who needs enemies?

I'm sure, Jimmy, that Kevin would thank you for his daily beating ...

Anonymous said...

Jimmy doesn't have any grownup kids. If he did, he'd realize that no matter how much we love and nag them, it's their life and they'll live it on their own terms. Or die trying. Jimmy, get used to frustration. Remember where "the prophet" has the least success and honor. And lay off the doom saying.Kevin KNOWS, already. Lay off Kevin. Allow him the dignity of choice ... and anonymity.

Jimmy Moore said...

Hey guys, thanks for all your feedback about this. I really appreciate your sincere concern for my brother Kevin and invite you to share your thoughts with me about helping him.

Keep in mind I live over 700 miles away from him and we speak by telephone once a week on the weekends. Also keep in mind that I don't bring up his weight immediately when he calls me (yes, he calls me week after week)--I wait for him to talk about it or just casually bring it up at the end of the conversation before we say goodbye.

I'm not aggressive in asking him about his weight, but simply ask him about it. Any feedback you have for me is greatly appreciated. THANKS everyone!

di-spotz said...

Yeah, I'll buy that for a dollar! NOT. I tried the suggestions thing on his blog but was dismissed with a "Those who read my blog regularly". So he even knows what I read every day....
Ah, the "World According To Jimmy".

di-spotz said...

Or should it be The Jimmer?

Anonymous said...

'If only you wanted it bad enough and were strong enough'

That sounds like like The Kimmer!

Anonymous said...

I can appreciate your concern for your brother but degradation, especially in a public way,is hurtful and counterproductive. JMO.

For me, your blog didn't so much communicate concern as it did superiority. I'm betting I'm not the only one who came away from that entry with a soured impression.

I think you should slip your feet into your brother's shoes and take a little stroll.

Jimmy Moore said...

Well thanks for all of your wonderful comments everyone. I sincerely appreciate your concern. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Poor Kevin.

Mayberryfan said...

Ahhh. What can you say about this? What The Jimmer fails to understand is that depression is very common in post-heart attack patients. On some level, his brother has given up. He's defeated. If good ol' Jimmykins would encourage his brother to deal with that, then maybe he'd be able to tackle the weight issue again. Oh and I'm gonna barf if I read the phrase Livin' la..etc. one more time. Seriously. Give it a rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

di-spotz said...

But when you're "Livin' La Vida Jimmer" it's all about the "Livin' La Vida Catch-Phrases" or people might see that you're "Livin' La Vida Pathetic". Oh, and buy my book, "Livin' La Vida Superiority-Complex" so I can be "Livin' off your Pesos"!