Friday, February 1, 2008


I am hoping anyone who is currently on the Kimkins starvation diet developed by Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer, an admitted liar and scam artist with no medical training, will view this video. Many who followed the Kimkins diet now have very serious eating disorders.

Below are some comments from people who viewed this video:

"I'm actually an 18 year old male who suffered from anorexia. not quite to this extent, but still serious. It's still something that haunts me, so this advert really does hit home. Now instead of dieting and starving, I'm trying to build myself up...Rough things. "

"...The point of it is that the girl taht is anorexic is sick. It isn't a diet. Her self-image is warped. And it has nothing to do with seeing the average person as fat. It's their reflection that isn't acceptable. Guys, please, just step back for one moment without judgement.. Just see what type of epedemic we're in... One in which NO ONE wins. And it's horrible that it has to be like that... But it is."

"i'm only twelve years old and i have an eating disorder. i've tried to stop but i can't and i have now lost ten pounds."

"ive wached this video alotand every day i hope i can get better"

"I keep on watching this because i'm just like the girl in the mirror. I'm not thin at all or even close. But i want to be and there is so much pressure to lose weight the wrong way. This video helps slap me back into reality! "

"no, the girl in the mirror is average sized. the anorexic girl just doesn't see herself as she really is- that's all this video is trying to get across, that anorexic people (female OR male) can't see what's in front of them. i know i can't...i just keep watching this video hoping for a better day."

"For some it starts simple, for instance a diet. However, for whatever reason, some people develop an eating disorder. There is risk-factors for eating disorders, but no one really knows 'the cause'. The person suffering from an eating disorder slowly loses control, as their distorted views of their body and beliefs of the world gain control. People suffering from an eating disorder typically cannot realize that they are in danger physically.

Or, for the few who can, they cannot 'free' themselves of their behaviors. It has become their life, a coping mechanism. Unfortunately, that's why so many suffer in silence, because of the fear of 'losing control'. It's typically not until the disorder has progressed to noticable point that individuals receive help, if they ever do."

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate, and up to 20% of suffers never recover even with treatment. Eating disorders don't discriminate, and someone doesn't have to be 'thin enough' to have something very wrong going on. In fact, some individuals may die from organ failure before ever being 'deathly skinny'."

"Thats exactly the point they are trying to put across.People who suffer from Anorexia see themselves as fat, ugly, and a disgrace to themselves.What everyone would consider a healthy body, Anorexics would rather starve for constant weeks than end up being 'average'.I can totally relate to this video as i suffer from Anorexia myself and i think its a horrid loophole to get caught in. "

"but anorexia ISNT stupid girls dieting. there's a whole spectrum to it, like any disease. this IS an important charity because anorexia is a MENTAL disease. it destroys you. and it not only girls that want to be thin that are affected. you see rape vitims get it. abused children. even children whose parents are divorcing are at a higher risk. it's about control. and what ends up happening is you lose that control, and you die a slow, horrible death. "

"An anorexic girl does not bring it on herself... it may seem that way but you have no idea... it's an addiction and you can't stop... until someone makes you... you get to a point where you don't even want to live... it's always just another five pounds... then I'll be good. Until you are just a pile of bones. Please think before you speak... "

"having an eating disorder is one of the worst things that can happen to a person, i know having suffered from one. it's true that you always feel that you're fat even though everyone tells you you're so thin. for those with an ED, please seek help and stay strong, you're going to be okay. "

"Wow..after having anorexia for about a year now its good to see that people are trying to spread awareness about it.I loved this commerical <3>"

"that girl is beautiful in the mirror. tan smooth and beautiful... but all the real girl sees is ugliness...a fleshy disgusting exterior not fit to survive. anoretics need help. whether it be professional or intervention and support from loving friends. please, reach out. i know and have seen in my own friends what anorexia can do. help them. "

"This commercial is amazing and completely true. As an individual in recovery from anorexia this is an accurate representation of what happens in the mind."

"most people dont realize how serious eating disorders are. HASNT ANYONE HEARD OF KAREN CARPENTER!? SHE DIED WAY BEFORE SHE LOOKED THAT SKINNEY!"

"omg that is how my best friend died. She had no self-esteem and couldn't see how beautiful she was. It killed her. It truly is a disease and we need to fight it. It takes lives. She was hoping to become a doctor, and she could have reached her lifelong passion of helping others, if only she had also helped herself. Anorexia needs to stop. "


If you or someone you know has or may be developing an eating disorder, the Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt has an anonymous tool for anyone who may have questions about EDs. Sometimes people just think they're "dieting" but they are really taking it too many on the deadly Kimkins diet.

Please click this link to go directly to The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt Assessment Quiz.

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OhYeahBabe said...

:gasp: the ending actually took kme by surprise. I thought the imagine in the mirror was too skinny.... then saw how the girl really looks! So sad. Kimkins gals, please back away!
My blog: Kimorexia

Anonymous said...

We have learned so much from your blog, Medusa, and from the other antiKimkins blogs too -- hardly a day passes that you've all managed to bring to light some aspect of this scandal, to inform, to warn, and to encourage. You can all hold your heads up with honest pride for helping make this world a better, safer place for everyone. Exactly the opposite of the evil spirit that Kimmer embodies, represents, and feeds.

Brava Ducks, Negative Nancies and Haters! The many, the proud, the Good.

Anonymous said...

My heart bled for the normal girl being so critical of her beautiful young body. Then I saw her in ugly reality.I don't know if my granddaughter will ever be normal again ... or even if she'll survive. Anorexia hurts everyone, not just its sufferer. And most hurtful is when loving advice is totally rejected. Fat grandmothers like myself painfully examine ourselves to see if the sufferer is trying to undo "heredity."

Medusa said...

Dear anonymous,

What a dreadful time you must be going through with your granddaughter. My heart aches for you and the frustration you must feel at not being able to help her. And my heart aches for your granddaughter.

Please contact the Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt by clicking on the link on my blog post. Someone there will be able to give you guidance on how to deal with this devastating situation with your granddaughter.

All the very best to you and your granddaughter, and please keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

heartbreaking reminder of how important it is to shut Kimkins down and put Kimmer out of business!

Barbara B said...

My gosh, if that's what I could look forward to eating every day, I would be SNATT too! At least have fresh chicken! One thing I have been wanting to say for a long time regarding the MCD. This woman thinks she's got something to offer FOR A FEE because she kept it off for MONTHS???

Anonymous said...

When I clicked on the video it said This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

Medusa said...

Anonymous, thanks for letting me know about the problem with the video. I'll see if I can download it from another site.

Medusa said...

Video fixed!