Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I've received a few comments and e-mails re yesterday's post, KIMMER TAKES A LITTLE TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE... :

"Prudentia said...

Is that a little pregnancy belly I see there? Could this be Dennis' baby pic?

Nah ... I don't even think it is her, Medusa..."


"OhYeahBabe said...

The passing years have lengthened her neck!..."


"kimkinscam said...

Her photoshopped pictures are so distorted, who really knows what Heidi looks like today? Except maybe the deposition shot.

I think it's probably her too - from Waaayyyyyyyy back! ..."


"Yucky said...

no way is that Heidi. Somebody please a face-only overlay, matching size. Ok? And then do an overlay of just the forearm area, elbow to wrist. It's not Heidi."


"Medusa said...

Yucky, ya wanna arm wrestle?

It's doubt about it.

Meet ya at Martina Martini's bar. It's on!!! "


"Prudentia said...

Sorry, Medusa ... I have to join ranks with Yucky on this one. No way that's her. The way the nose blends up into the eyebrows - looks more like Red Dress Kimmer than Heidi.

Hey, maybe that's it! Maybe she going to try to convince us that Red Dress Kimmer is really her after all! LOL "


"Medusa said...

Prudentia, because Heidi has alopecia, I believe she does not have eyebrows or eyelashes. In every photo, her bangs cover her "eyebrows."

Check out her deposition picture. Her eyebrows under her bangs appear to be "pencilled in."

No doubt in my mind it's her."


"Yucky's Beer & Gruel said...

Martinis are for gurlz. Tell ya what, if you're wrong, you buy us all a beer. If you're right, we'll buy you a martini. Question is -- where is that bar? We're gonna find out. Where do you wanna bet it's located? Name the city. We already know the state."


"Medusa said...


If I'm wrong, I'll buy you and the boys a two-four of Corona beer, that delish Mexican beer. Up here, a "two-four" is, like, a case of 24 cans, eh?

I know you & the boys like Labatt's Canadian beer, but I think a Corona would be more appropriate. Doncha think?"


Yucky's Martina Finders said...

"You're on. We're flying out today to find that bar & won't be back until we do. Even if we have to drink all the beer in [blank] California."


Heidi, help me out here. I know that picture of you in your nightgown IS you.

Would you provide me with a few more details about the picture so I can prove to the disbelievers that you are, in fact, telling the truth by dropping me a comment on this blog post or sending me an e-mail? Ta.

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Prudentia said...

Medusa, Medusa ... allow me to change my wording ... Look at the eybrow BONES - I'm not talking about the hairs, I'm talking about the bones ...

I'm not buying it ...

Medusa said...

Prudentia, when I look at pics of myself taken when I was 18, they bear only a faint resemblance to what I look like now.

Weight on one's face hides the underlying facial structure, including the bones of the eye orbit.

So I'm buying it :^)

OhYeahBabe said...

Medusa, not that I care, but I think it's her, too. My objection is the relevance of posting it at all.

It's her current pics that are of interest to me, and my vote is that it's been digitally altered. Scary how she doesn't learn!

MrsMenopausal said...

Forget nightie clad photos of yore. I'd like to see even ONE pic of her verifying her so called weight loss. You know, before the stress a few months back made her eat and gain it all back in a month? @@

If she really did lose any weight I'm sure she'd have pictures of it. I mean, it was maintained over a long span of time, right? So, there must be photo evidence of her loss. Why doesn't she create ... uh, I mean scan one for all to see?

Mjr said...

Medusa, You are toooo kind. But, maybe she WILL respond to your request. She hasn't answered any of my questions, yet. But, I wasn't as nice.
I have to agree with OYB, I could care less about this "hoochie momma" picture... I want to see current, accurate, real ones. Doesn't matter to me what her "figment of imagination" wants us see and believe. I ain't buying ANY of her lies.

Anonymous said...

We're at the airport. I mean me (T.C.), Tony, Bob and Doug are at the airport. Larry's new girlfriend won't let him take any more time off work. Serves him right for falling in love with a sensible woman.

Plane leaves in about 45 minutes. We're planning on eating lots of those little packets of peanuts and pretzels so we'll be really thirsty when we get to ____________.

oh yeah and Doug says to tell you, you're WRONG :)

Anonymous said...


White Russian

Russian Bride

M _ _ _ _ _ _

. said...

I think it's possibly her, I would've liked to compare that pic with the one thats mostly chopped off as her head is turned too much in the deposition pic.

Anonymous said...

Is it or isn't it A young Heidi? I say it is, at age 15 or so, when she still had natural hair, eyebrows and lashes. As for the precocious breast development, I believe Heidi mentioned that eons ago. Plus her son was born when she was 16; so she must have been developed sufficiently. Does it matter? Not to me. She's just tricky enough to use her real pix to generate division in Duckdom. Will she ever look like that again? Never!

mariasol said...

Medusa - I agree with you, I think it's her. With some imagination, I can see the mole on her neck that is in the same place as in the photo with Brandon.
I fail to see how it's relevant though. "I am now a 300+ pounds obese woman but 35 years ago I was just slightly overweight so you should now pay for my diet advice"?