Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I’m sure many of you have noticed that my posts lately have focused on eating disorders caused by the deadly Kimkins starvation diet and its founder, Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer.

I have concentrated on eating disorders because many people searching on Google have stumbled upon my blog. I have a stat counter on my blog which tells me not only the terms searched but what pages people visit on my blog.

In just the past 24 hours, my blog was visited by people searching these terms:

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If you click on any of the above links, you will see my blog near the top of many of the search results.

When I first started blogging about eating disorders vis-a-vis Kimkins, I had several people land on my blog via Google. But in the past few days, to say that I was shocked by the number of people searching the above terms is an understatement.

The only consolation is that those people who clicked the link to my blog stayed quite some time, reading posts specifically on the dangers of the Kimkins starvation diet, anorexia, bulimia, and the pro-ana/pro-mia lifestyle.

The scourge of eating disorders is spreading like a wildfire across not only America but the world, fueled by dangerous starvation diets like Kimkins, as well as the size-0 mantra of the fashion industry.

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from mrsmenopausal of LCF who was kind enough to direct me to a very powerful video, which I have posted below. Thanks so much, mrsmenopausal.

Because of this rising tide of people searching for information on the Kimkins diet and eating disorders, I will continue to concentrate my posts on these subjects in the hopes of educating people who may be unaware of their deadly effects.


Video link:

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Anonymous said...

She was one of the lucky ones - she made it to 17 w/o killing herself, and thinks she is healthy. Although it remains to be seen if the damage done proves permanent, yet she is on the road to recovery. Pray she makes it, because most of life and its hard knocks are still ahead.

Magicsmom said...

What happened to the girl in the video is exactly what happened to Karen Carpenter. She was working on recovery from severe anorexia nervosa and collapsed one morning in her parents' home from heart failure. What anorexics do not realize is that the malnutrition damages their heart muscle, and it may not be possible to recover once the heart failure happens.

OhYeahBabe said...

I'm actually getting a lot of hits on my blog using similar search terms, too. I am intimidated by that somewhat - I don't feel at all qualified to tackle the subject as well as you do! Thank you for your great blog, Medusa.
My blog: Kimorexia

Anonymous said...

{{{Medusa}}} That's so wonderful about the links! People are finding you! That means they are finding information that can save their lives!!!!!!!

Blackmanga said...

Her statements about post gastric bypass patients eating 500 or less calories a day by doctor recommendation, is not true. Patients lose massive amounts of weight on 1500 calories a day, as it often takes 20,000 calories a day just to maintain their weight pre op. A board certified doctor will never recommend a starvation level intake. No matter how obese the patient.