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In a post yesterday on Kimkins Exhausted, Team Yucky delivered this stinging rebuke to Becky, formerly of Kimkins:

"thank you Becky

16 December, 2007...

We here at Team Yucky have just learned of Becky’s sermon (titled, “I Am Actually Very Upset’”) which she preached from the pulpit over at The First Jimmy Church & now let us pray:

O Becky. Thank you.

Thank you for insulting the people who were working to bring Kimmer to justice while you were busy spreading her gospel of starvation.

Thank you for denouncing the people who knew the truth & tried to tell it while you were busy helping Kimmer silence them.

Thank you for minimizing the months & months of hard work, intelligent work, honest work, by the countless armchair activists such as HoneyBee & the other Nancy Drews at LCF, ALC & the blogs, the behind-the-scenes googlers, organizers, campaigners, the emailers, the phone callers, the petitioners, those who lobbied the media & the state and federal authorities, those who continue the fight, providing files of evidence & working on the rankings, pleading with the affiliates, persuading the sponsors — all those people who did and continue to do, the work which you & others refused for so long to do, and now refuse to honor because you’re a saint & saints can’t be seen in such ragged company. Vile wretches we, with our “ugly noise,” our “nonsense,” and our rough & rowdy ways.

And thank you, Becky, for not knowing what the hell you’re talking about. Nobody at LCF or anywhere else, including any of the blogs, drove the magic chicken diet pushers out of business. None of us “helped destroy her business.”

None of us have that kind of power with GoDaddy.

If the chicken diet people didn’t pay their bill, how exactly are LCF, the posters, the bloggers or anybody else responsible for that?

If Kimmer convinced GoDaddy to lock down the chicken diet website, how exactly are LCF, the posters, the bloggers or anybody else responsible for that?

If the chicken diet guy took out a help wanted ad at getafreelancer specifying that he wanted “a clone of” how exactly are LCF, the posters, the bloggers or anybody else responsible for that?

If the chicken diet lady spent “thousands of dollars” on a website instead of spending the money on surgery, how exactly are LCF, the posters, the bloggers or anybody else responsible for that?

If God told the chicken diet lady to go into business without benefit of qualified legal counsel, how exactly are LCF, the posters, the bloggers or anybody else responsible for that?

And if the chicken diet is as dangerous as Kimkins how exactly are LCF, the posters, the bloggers or anybody else responsible for that?

Most of all, Becky, thank you for reminding us not to put you or anybody else up on a pedestal.


Team Yucky"


Becky's original post:

"I am actually very upset with the LCF people and the blogs for being part of driving that site out of business. In fact, I am furious!

They can like it or not, but she was not a fraud, she was successful and real, and was well within her rights to start a business selling her diet. Contrary to their misinformed opinion, anyone can sell a diet,without a doctor or nutritionist affiliated, as long as it is within minimal safe legal standards, which hers was (and Kimkins isn't). She stated up front what the diet was better than Kimmer did (low carb, lowcal, low fat), offered more support and more caution than Kimmer did,and kept calories higher, up within the range of MANY commercial diets that operate freely and unimpeded. The site cost her money she may or may not have recouped, and it certainly deprived her overnight of a stream of revenue she no doubt counted on. She has lost her business(and hopes of funding reconstructive surgery, apparently) right before what should have been her busiest season.

If they are opposed to anyone making money off of diet support, there goes entire sections of every bookstore in the country, and just about every diet board online, because they all make money to pay the bills somehow, whether in selling information, support services, ad space, or products.

If they think it is wrong to sell something without ALL the details being known first, they had better get appointed head of the FTC, and pull down half the marketing out there on the web. Better yet, become a majority in Congress, and change the rules. FALSE information, like Kimmer gave, is illegal. Withholding disclosure of info required by law is illegal. What the chicken site did is lawful marketing, whether we like it or not.

This was important to her, and a mere passing fancy to many of them, and they helped to destroy her business.

If it had had anything to do with Kimmer, WHY would the guy have taken out an ad for a freelancer to make it like the Kimkins site? After all,Heidi OWNS Kimkins, has the tech team that BUILT Kimkins, and could use that template to pop up another in a flash.

Congratulations. They ended up doing Kimmer's dirty work for her, and managing to get her competition shut down.

They will not rest, apparently, until Tippy's site and this lady's site and anyplace else current Kimkins members might _really_ fell warmly welcomed is gone.

Yet they are patting each other on the back and doing the happy dance. I am disgusted.

Furthermore, LCF still has the Kimkins diet there, with many Kimkins threads devoted to it. If the Magic Chicken Lady was dangerous, what about LCF? True, there is the Fascination thread, which has done a lot of good work, but the rest is also still there, too, and nothing to stop people from following it as Kimmer always promoted it. Tippy's new site and the Magic Chicken site both have better bottom limits than that.

On top of that, they did to the Chicken Diet lady what they did to Tippy, and others --- insulted her looks, questioned her intelligence,mocked her spelling and grammar (and that of her family), and cast aspersions on her character, her intentions and her other dealings, on the merest of suspicions, with scanty evidence. Debate over evidence is one thing, but ad hominum attacks are uncalled for.

They have even had a go at Hector Diaz, remarking that 'maybe his elevator doesn't go all the way to the top floor'. He has been willing and able to participate in providing valuable info to the proper people,and he comes under attack? Out of line!

I appreciate the value of the Fascination threads, and the good intentions and contributions of many people there. However, this out-of-control nonsense is exactly why many people (including Tippy)didn't listen to them over Kimmer. The true message gets lost in the ugly noise.

Heidi is the true, deliberate scammer here. Every other player, to some extent, has been duped and used.

The ends do not always justify the means.

We are wading into people's hopes and dreams and fears and very identity and self-definition. Shame on us if we trample and misuse and exploit that!Then we are doing to them what Heidi Diaz has already done.

It is wrong to re-victimize the victims, just to make our case!

Now, they can have a go at me, if they like."


Yucky, word has it that many are appalled by Becky's slamming post.

Comments? Anyone?


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Anonymous said...

When her rant was brought to my attention, I was pissed to put it mildly.

While there were those out there working hard to get Heidi stopped. There were those on the inside of Kimkins noticing problems but not speaking up.

Medusa said...

Word, bamagal...

Sue said...

Where is the post by Becky?

Medusa said...

I did not want to directly link to Becky's post.

I will, however, update this post with Becky's original post, so check back in a few minutes.


Avenue Girl said...

Not saying that it was ok, but with so much going on it can get hard to keep focus on the goal. Heated moments have had me thinking some crazy things.

We all have different methods to accomplish the goal. We all may be doing things differently, but the most important thing here is to do something.

I don't know how MCD's troubles make anything better for skamkins. If anything, MCD has been made more aware of fixing their business plan before they get in over their heads.

I take comfort in the growing anti-kk numbers. I appreciate what ever anyone can do to help.

Kat said...

Now that you know the Truth...Join the Lawsuit!!