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"Friday, December 7, 2007

TippyToes Blog [LINK SNIPPED]

So here I am. I have much to say. This cannot be done in one day. Although I won't leave this blog up forever I will leave it running long enough to hopefully clarify some issues.

Who am I? I am Jeannie Baitinger. I am a person who has battled my weight for my entire life. And it was this very battle that, although won, came with a hefty price of reputation. And I will explain this as best I can.

I found LCF in 2004. My weight was 263lbs on a 5' 7" frame. My health was failing, I had to go on blood pressure and cholesterol meds and in general felt tired, washed out and ill most days. My husband also needed to lose 50lbs and he too was in poor health. He was diagnosed with diabetes and a host of other issues followed. I knew we both had to do something, but what? I found LCF and saw the success pictures and I was most impressed! I started hanging out in chat and I gave the Atkins diet a try. I cooked Atkins friendly foods for both of us and the magic of Atkins began to work! We lost some weight and ate like kings and queens. We were most impressed and very satisfied.

I began to make chat friends and eventually branched out into the boards. I liked so many people and I thought it was so neat to make friends from all over the place--even making one great and long term friendship with a girl from England and we are very close to this day.

A year went by and suddenly the magic of Atkins stopped working for my husband and myself. It wasn't so bad for him. He had dropped 40lbs and was not only off his diabetes meds but declared "cured" by his Doctor. But I was still over 200lbs.

I was told stalls are normal, be patient. 6 long months passed with a gain and loss of the same 5 lbs only, over and over. I recall a moment I broke down and cried, thinking this was the best it would ever be. And I was still considered the horrid word, OBESE. I felt trapped in my own body. I tried adding carbs, cutting carbs, moving up the carb ladder but the result was always the same for me.

A dear friend from LCF (and who I love so much today) told me about a plan called Kimkins. I gave it a try and PRESTO, I started to lose weight again right away! Kimkins gave me hope and a renewed sense of desire to make it happen--to finally be a normal person. However, I found Kimkins to be rather difficult to follow for long. When the weight loss paused I would return to my Atkins ways and maintain the loss. When I felt ready to go back to Kimkins diet, I would and while repeating this cycle I found success.

But doing Kimkins diet came with a price from the LCF members. I was constantly told I was ruining my metabolism. I was told over and over the diet was unhealthy. I did not believe I was hurting myself. I followed the plan as written (original Kimkins and K/E) and never starved at all. I kept my calorie levels reasonable. The difference was cutting out as much fats as possible. True it cut calories back in the process but the results were outstanding. But again, I was met with many well meaning people who constantly lectured me for doing this diet. Meanwhile I was actually getting healthier according to my Doctor who took me off all my meds with success. So who was I to listen to? I knew what was working for me. And I was never shy about sharing this with others, especially those stalled who were ready to give up.

Perhaps it was the sharing that caused me the most trouble in the long run. I joined Banta Babes because they are a group who are opened to any kind of plans. I was so thrilled with what I was learning and I shared with them. Kimmer opened her site and many of us joined at $14.95, and I considered that a small price to pay for such a fantastic plan. We continued to post at LCF as well. One post I read was from Michele. She seemed really happy for those of us losing so well on Kimkins but she said she had tried Kimkins and it never worked for her. I was rather surprised to read that as she was the first person ever to say it didn't work. So I posted, telling her that a few of us were doing well with it and would she like to try it again? Big mistake for me. Michele was offended, thinking my post somehow implied she didn't know HOW to do Kimkins. That was never my meaning and I stand firmly by that today. I was only trying to help. I sent her several PM's offering explanation as well as apology for the misunderstanding. Another member also made a comment who thought my post implied the same as Michele's assumption. I PM'd Michele and told her I would not post in Banta any further. Her responses were pretty good, or so I thought. Meanwhile many Banta members sent me PM's saying they didn't understand where the rage was coming from either. I could name them all but because I am banned from LCF now I cannot prove it. I have no more PM's to retrieve as proof.

Magicsmom, who was also following Kimkins and Mariasol met me at Kimkins chat shortly afterwards. Mariasol didn't have much to say one way or the other but Magicsmom had plenty to say. She said she thought I meant the post to mean the same as Michele's interpretation. I did my best to explain this was simply not true. As the author of the post, who knew better how it was meant than myself? But it was clear I wasn't getting anywhere. I was humiliated for my mistake and confused too. Now, if you think I am not telling the truth, the offending post is still at LCF in Banta Babes to this day. I hope you will read the thread for yourselves before you base your opinion.

There was a thread I helped start called The All I Want For Christmas Crew. Later it became Support Unlimited. I returned to it. Melly's first post following mine made a reference to cockroaches running when the lights came on... I knew it was meant for me. Melly and I have not always seen eye to eye. We tried to be friends at one time and started calling each other almost daily. But I was getting turned off by Melly for the simple reason I do not enjoy participating in gossip. I was hearing a lot of "she did this and she did that" about another admin who I liked a lot. I just couldn't take it so I cut off contact with Melly. I returned to the thread anyways because there were lots of my old friends still there. And I had missed them. Melly and I learned to be civil to each other but we never became close again. I did not want to.

There were a few there who were hot and heavy to lecture me for my Kimkins cycle ways. And yet, I saw so many of them unable to lose anymore themselves. I didn't understand this. I still don't. I became pretty fed up with the constant lectures for my diet choices. I knew I wasn't starving myself and I wasn't. It seemed like more drama than well meaning. No one wants to be lectured...

I spent some time at Kimkins but saw that cycling with Atkins wasn't very friendly there either. There it was Kimkins or nothing for many. Oddly, Kimmer always said Kimkins made a fine springboard for other plans but some were just die hard Kimkins only fans. So when I would cycle to Atkins for a maintenance break I would return to LCF.

I did eventually find some Kimkins friendly threads at LCF. I taught them how to cycle. I was afraid of people getting stuck on too low of calories and not being able to maintain. To this day I don't know if that is true or not but I heard it so often I didn't want to chance it. I did tell people not to stay on Kimkins long for this fear. Not because I thought the Kimkins diet was dangerous.

Later I will go into details of the recipe I gave to pooticus to supposedly make her fat. And I will go into details about my husband's colon check up and why. And I will try to answer more. I will also address the two months I subcontracted at Kimkins.

But for today I have a question for banned KK members. Why do you all think I was the only person who could ban a member? I keep insisting I only banned a small few and yet people seem to imply they have proof otherwise. I would very much like to see this proof. This is an issue I am very confused about. Every single admin there can ban without asking Kimmer. Kimmer herself can ban. Why me?"

Boo hoo, Tippy!

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Anonymous said...

Ok now I'm just curious..but if she hadn't been ruining her metabolism, wouldn't she be at goal and not having to gain and lose the same 5lbs over and over?!? I'm really curious about that.

Thanks medusa for posting this. So glad to hear what Tippy has to say, even though all she did was still complain about LCF. I'm surprised she didn't end with "Ban Netrition"

Anonymous said...

Oh boo friggin hoo, poor tippytoes, everyone just misunderstood her.


Tippy your memory of history is as flimsy as your excuses for sticking with kimkins in the face of proof that it was a fraud perpetuated by a scammer.

If you want to tell your side why not answer the tough questions instead of hiding behind a blog that doesnt take comments and posting about your poor misunderstood philanthropic efforts to save the world.

Bah. You are a waste of oxygen and you still dont get it do you?

Medusa said...

ocean, please don't hold back. Tell us how you REALLY feel :^)

Great post!

Thanks, ocean.


Anonymous said...

The 'essence of Tippy', as Darlene at LCF nailed it, comes across crystal clear in her first blog. It was nothing more than a steaming pile of self-serving BS.

Boo bleepin' Hoo for you, Tippy.

Try again, this time with feeling. Or is that even possible??

Medusa said...

You've hit the nail on the head, Sheridan. Thanks for posting!

To view Darlene at LCF's post, click on the post title, "DARLENE41's "TAKE" ON TIPPYTOES, HEIDI DIAZ & SINGINGLASS" in my Blog Archive on the right-hand side of my Blog.

Anonymous said...

This is pooticus. I have absolutely no friggin idea what Tippy is talking about but maybe her memory for the mundane is better than mine? I will go search the archives at LCF and Banta Babes to see what she referred to???!

Anonymous said...

I read the post about the peanut butter candy, and Tippy was DEFINITELY being malicious about it. She can say all she wants, but I read them and she came across as a vindictive she-wolf.

After all the lying she did, sorry, but her sob story just goes over like a lead zeppelin here. She's probably setting it up to stary her Cycle Diet site in hopes of replicating the multi-million dollar Kimkins windfall for herself.

She should brush up on her spelling before she sets up shop. And maybe learn to be less of lying and conniving person. I mean, even the Morning Show caught her in her deceptive little game. And LCF's fascination thread is full of incidences of Tippy's machinations.

Let's face it: Tippy thinks that because she lost the weight that she's the end-all, be-all expert on weight loss. That because she did it cycling with Kimmer that others who had trouble MUST be lying. She assumes they're lying and cheating, rather than simply metabolically different. That's the sort of vicious, "I know it all" attitude that Kimmer displayed. We see how well that eventually went over.

Tippy needs to be quiet a while and just let the furor die down. People simply do not trust her now, so explanations are gonna be taken with a bucket of salt.

If she wants to rescue her reputation, let her cooperate to the max with Jeanessa and Tiedt and go inform herself about starvation mode and stop being a two-face on boards :saying one there HERE and one thing THERE and another OVER THERE. That's what got her in trouble to begin with: arrogance and conniving. People need time and distance to just calm down. Hear that, Tips.

The Princess

Mirtika said...

Oh, on the five pound fluctuation:

Far as I can tell, that's maintenance. I mean, I have skinny friends (never been fat) and how they "maintain" is they weigh daily or weekly and when they see a fluctuation up of 3 to 5 pounds, they start cutting back until they're at goal. And that's constant--weigh, check, holding fine, up cut back.

So, a small range fluctuation IS mantaining (since water gain and loss is part of female reality, too, and that easily goes up and down 5 pounds depending on salt intake and time of month).

I won't fault Tippy for the five pound fluctuation. That seems normal from my observations.

It's her crap character that's the issue. :D


Medusa said...

Thanks so much, Pooticus and Princess, for your comments.

You have known Tippy a lot longer than many, so your views are not only respected, but well-founded.

Medusa said...

Mirtika...great line: "It's her crap character that's the issue."

Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

She lied about her weightloss. She said she lost about 70 pounds on Atkins and then the last 30 on kimkins. Seems to me she did better on Atkins then Kimkins. She is also having thyroid problems with shes conveniently left out. This showed up after she had been doing kimkins for a good while. Tippy has a selective memory. She even posted on the BBB and made it look like she lost all her weight on Kimkins. Never even mentioned Dr Atkins. She needed to give credit where its due. Tippy, I would take a break from the internet if I were you.