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(Chicken Lady photo courtesy of Kids In The Hall.......see link below to view the Chicken Lady video!)

A bit of background:
Bonnie Luper (aka Chicken Lady) started the Magic Chicken Diet website after losing a lot of weight by eating chicken 24/7.
Suddenly, the Magic Chicken Diet website disappeared yesterday. Guess the chicken lost its magic.'s a picture of Hulon Pate from one of his MySpace pages:

In a comment posted on Jimmy Moore's blog (see link below), Hulon, who purports to be Chicken Lady's son-in-law, explains who shut down the Magic Chicken website (Warning: it appears that Hulon is not fluent in English, so bear with him):

Hulon said...

"My inlaws own and maintain a web site started earlier this year . My mother inlaw, Bonnie Luper who lost a 165 in ten months.

By her own design, she invented a diest plan that worked. Her goal was to start a web site to help other people with a weightloss program that wasnt just,lossing a few pounds.

Her web site was taken offline by under pressure, from a complaint from, stateing that there were too many,simularities to there web site. The letter from stated that there forum,has simularities and other ideas.

My thinking is most buisness via web site in simular fields all will have simularideas, as far as being a diet program how could diet program not be simuluar,in all aspects.

It all started,when "yuckyyuck" posted a email to there website stateing something abouta possible lawsuit to Now this yuckyyuck guy, has done nothing but post on various message boards trashing the magicchickendiet.

Bonnie and David Luper, have done nothing wrong. There real genuine salt of the earth people. THey both grew up in fort Worth,Tx. Bonnie Luper is the real deal.

Her, weight loss story is 100% genuine. Kimkins on the other hand is by all accounts a liar, a cheat and a fraud. Manny on the message boards were stating that was kimkin under a new new name. Also Bonnie posted to manny of her, doubters about whos she was and that her and her website and diet were in fact real.

Shes never hid from any one, Nor her or her husband have any knowledge of kimkins or her diets or any other ideas or content from her website. Bonnie and David Luperhad no one what so ever subscribe to or steal ideas or content from them or any one else.

Bonnie is happy and proud to display her new found life style and bodyher purpose was not soley just for profit. There was a huge buzz on the internet about, and I believe that kimers and her paid assosiatesare out to smear, the good name of hard working people, who have done nothing except put alot of work into a website and diet program.

Its taking thousands of dollarsand thousnads of hours to , start and maintain a web site. They started it whith the firts 200 memebers to sign up, for only 20$ for a full life time memeber ship.As of some time this fall they filled,there first 200 quota. kimkins is by far afraid that there lieing,and sorted history and current legal troubles, frombeing a fruadulant company. That real genuine article, a better product will take away from there buisness.

I can only feel Kimkins is leading this with money paidto various people to smear, somthing that is really working for many people. Trying to keep there online dominance, and keeping people only choice to be a completefarse of a company.

Bonnies only underlying reason to do this web site was to have surgery to replace her brest she lost 18 years ago to breast cancer.

MY name is Hulon Pate, im 33 years old and from West, Texas. I will not sit idley by and have some fruad, undermind what my wifes family have worked hard to start.

While some one like kim kin who has, taken good money, from people under false pretenses. Every one knows the day before Kimmers assesets were frozen she purchaseda house with cash money.

I just want you guys at Fox 4. That an injustice has been done and that, the bottom line is money, Kimkins knows that the New Year will bring, new years resolutions and a diet plans for millions of Americans.

Now the issue on message boards abroad have stated"why not do this for people for free"My simple answer is this, Bill Gates has made more money than hundreds of people could spend in a life time, why does he charge for Vista, when he could easilygiven it away to the world for free?

Bonnie Luper is not hideing, Her plan is working for many people, of all backgrounds and incomes.Shes had no knowlage of Kimmers or any thing about her ,honestly till news of her own doing{kimkins} came to light on the news,Bonnie never herd of her.

Kimmers and her people know, that she is real, and are doing everything in there power to stop,Bonnie Luper.From having a original, woking ideas, rise up from the ruins of there own lies.

Bonnie Luper has a succesfull Candle buisness, and doesnt have time or the capasityto do steal or rip off any one for any reason.

I hope Fox 4 has the courage to stand up to a organization, that has large resourses, to knock of the lilttle lady fromTexas, and her true story, that is really helping people.
12/14/2007 2:40 AM "

(bolding and underscoring mine, and paragraph indents added in the faint hope that it may assist in your reading of Hulon's post)

PS....Hulon, honey, be sure to reference both a dictionary and spellchecker next time you post. It would be very helpful in deciphering your comments. Ta!

Now, Hulon's comments are very odd, given that Bonnie's husband, David, advertised the following on on June 10, 2007:

"Magic Chicken Diet Featured
Magic Chicken Diet is project number 151306 posted at Click here to post your own project.
Closed(Selected Service Provider neelamj)
Status: Closed
Budget: $100-300
Created: 06/10/2007 at 23:59 EDT
Bidding Ends: 06/11/2007 at 23:59 EDT
Project Creator: davidnbonnie
Buyer Rating: (3 reviews)


Here is the project. My wife lost over 150 lbs in 9 months so she has asked me to put a website together so here I am attempting to get a website up and running for her. I would like it to be a clone of www. with ability to change background color and easily edited on my end as a webmaster for editing, adding pictures . It needs a message board and blog type journal where users can upload pictures and weight loss results and they can choose whether to have it private or public. It needs set up for PayPal pro and an automatic affiliate links exchange. We need a banner & logo designed and live chat. We would also like the ability to turn off and on the members and guest online numbers where it shows on home page. Would like to add a buddy finder. Would like to see a working demo. Also 30 day support. We have all of our own before and after pictures. We also need it search engine optimized for good rankings.If you decide to place a bid please provide some other websites that you've designed that are similar to the project I'm looking to be developed. Only designer with "relevant" experience will be considered. Thank youI am doing this for her 50th birthday (June 12)

Job Type: .NET ASP
Banner Design
Logo Design
Website Design
Database: (I don't know)
Operating system: (I don't know)
Bid count: 13
Average bid: $ 279 "

So, Hulon, your father-in-law did, in fact, CLONE the Kimkins website, despite what you say.

For wonderful background reading on the whole Magic Chicken Diet fiasco, check out these great blogs:


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mariasol said...

Hulon's comment on my blog came in at 3:30 AM (EST). Perhaps Captain Morgan was responsible for the typos.
Or perhaps that's allowed only on the Kimkins Diet.

Medusa said...

Mariasol, I concur :^)

It all seems so familiar.

Anonymous said...

"It all started,when "yuckyyuck" posted a email to there website stateing something abouta possible lawsuit to"

It all started when ... wth? ...

It all started when we emailed David and Bonnie asking for an interview & trying to alert them to the fact that Heidi might sue them for "cloning" Kimkins?

It all started when we recommended they contact J.Tiedt?

It all started ... what started?

Come on man you gotta help us figure this out. What exactly are you accusing us of?

"Now this yuckyyuck guy, has done nothing but post on various message boards trashing the magicchickendiet."

Various message boards? Name one. We don't post on message boards. We post at our blog, and on occasion comment at other blogs.

& when we post & when we comment, we don't trash the diet.

Or hey maybe we did & don't remember. We're gonna blame that on beer & Bob this time.

But seriously, you explain to us what we "started", where we posted on any "boards" & where we trashed the diet.

Put up or shut up.

Look, you're trying to help your poor wife (dude whatta you doin' trolling for chix at myspace & talking about Jesus here at the blogs? be a real man & honor your wedding vows) you're trying to help your wife's parents, great, but you're not scoring any points over here.

Facts are facts -- David advertised at getafreelancer because he wanted "a clone of" and that's indisputable.

Another fact -- the owner of lurks on the boards, where the Magic Chicken Diet is being discussed. And that owner -- "Kimmer of Kimkins" is a psycho bitch.

Did your in-laws really think they could get away with cloning her website? Obviously they did. We (Bob & Doug & the rest of the Yucky gang) tried to warn them. But instead of taking our advice to call John Tiedt, they told us all about the magical magic of the magic chicken diet.

& in our honest opinion, they lied about some stuff. If we're wrong, we'll issue a retraction & apologize. But at the moment, that's our honest opinion & it's based on 2 indisputable facts -- one being the disconnect between the actual timeline & their comments about that timeline, & the other being else we're not at liberty to publicize at the moment.

& man, run a spellchecker, you're making us look smart.

Unknown said...

Too many statements of Hulan's are at polar opposites of each other.

They didn't copy Kimkins
he says, but yet the husband asks for a clone of Kimkins .com

They just now found out about the fraud, but yet details are brought up that show further knowledge than just happening upon a blog or two.

Either someone knows about the subject or they don't. In this case the subject is the Kimkins Diet. One moment they claim to know so little about the current issues surrounding the Kimkins Diet, but in the next breath reference information regarding specifics.
Very odd!?!?

Unknown said...

HoneyBee is so right in this. Team yucky--you did no wrong. The facts speak for themselves.

Heidi is well aware of the things being said around the net. I agree with Team Yucky---she is a psycho.

Anonymous said...

We've found out what the Magic Chicken diet is & will commence trashing. Stay tuned.

& where's Hulon? Don't tell us he chickened out?

Medusa said...

"We've found out what the Magic Chicken diet is & will commence trashing. Stay tuned."

Oooh! Now doesn't this sound delicious!! I'm waiting **tapping foot**

"& where's Hulon? Don't tell us he chickened out?"

Ha! Headed for the hills, I do believe. He's been rather silent, don't you think?

Kat said...

Friends don't let friends do Kimkins! Remember that cover girl on the WW Mag? Well, she learned the hard way about Kimkins and it's dangers!! Read her blog and decide for yourself.