Tuesday, December 18, 2007


MorganMacLeoid delivers a knock-out punch to Becky!

Here's a portion of Morgan's post on LCF:


As for Becky.. I just read her post(s) at the other forum and my jaw hit the desk. First her portrayal of people here at LCF was so totally off the mark and very uncool.

But worse was her next post about "I have done this! and I have done that! and I have done this! and I have done that!" Umm.. yeah ok. No one else has done those things and more? I can go down the list and check them all off aside from exposing Heidi's emails as I never had any emails from Heidi. But I have done everything else on that list as MANY others here have as well. Enough with the martyr contest already, geeze.

We here, well most of us here, were in this long before she "came over to the light" (lol). We had already invested months into the investigation and leg work of it all.. none of that counts? We're all haters? What?

As many of you here may know, I am one of the anti kimkins bloggers. One of the first ones (third actually I think that got any notice at all). I don't tell anyone which blog or give my name on my blog because I don't want to be a martyr or be one of the "untouchables" or anything. I just want this woman stopped and I was highly offended by Becky's posts.So.. anyway.. enough of that.. [SNIP]"

Later on in the thread, Sherrie lc comments on Morgan's post:

"But not only that, all of us here (LCF, blogs etc) worked just as hard, a lot of us have been at it from the beginning when NO-ONE would listen to us and call us haters. When it wasn't cool to be anti-kimmer, not even on LCF, when we had to find proof for everything, cross every t and dot every i, not have it given to us.We were constantly called names and criticised and frankly if we all didn't keep the pressure on everyone when it wasn't cool, they would still be there. Jimmy would still be there, Becky still be there, Christin, Deni etc etc and Kimmer would be much, much richer and a lot more people would be sick, maybe worse. We had nothing to gain by doing this, we just did it because we cared, we saw BS and called them out on it because enough was enough, so we took the hits on the chin and soldiered on.

I say we all deserve a pat on the back, good for us!!!

But another thing that bothered me is 2big, this is someone whom could've come here or to one of the blogs to b*tch about it but instead she chose to go straight to the horses mouth to share her concerns and her head was bitten off for it? Whether they agree with what she said or not, it was nothing viscous or malice, it didn't deserve the reaction it got, they could have talked to her maturely about it rather then just dismiss her like her feelings don't mean anything. To be honest it all reminded me of the old kimmer threads here."


Although I am loathe to post this, it's necessary in order to understand Morgan and Sherrie's comments: From BECKY, formerly of Kimkins):

"And, btw, if anyone has a right to be upset with Kimmer, I do. She lied to me and used me in a way that only a few others in this drama have experienced. (I'm not saying I got the worst, not at all, but I am one of a handful who really got up close and personal in this.)

If anyone has proven they are working to bring Kimmer down, I have.

I initiated the first collaborative email showdown with Kimmer that got her to trip herself up in print.

I quit my job, gave up income and a potential business, and spend many unpaid hours to expose Heidi Diaz and her site now.

I followed up and communicated with all the original Admins who served with me, and helped to persuade them that Kimmer was a dangerous fraud and we needed to quit.

Together with a couple of others, I personally contacted all the second and third groups of Admins she brought in to replace the first of us who left, and persuaded them not to take the position, or to quit.

I am the one who tipped the blogs to the very first found Russian bride, thanks to Cilantro's good work and her telling me first.

I tipped TheTRUTH to much of what was posted there, thanks to key players working undercover at my behest.

I have tipped several of the blogs to a lot of things, in fact. I have also opposed overt maliciousness in the blogs, too, like was leveled against Christin, Deni, KimATC, SingingLass, etc.I have done the legal things we were asked to do, like lawsuit, BBB review, petition, etc.

I have communicated with KTLA reporter Chip Yost, Morning Show producer CJ Lenat, etc.

I am in contact with the attorney almost every day, and supply a lot of info to him.

I also find out a lot from him that I am not telling anyone.

I put Jeannie in touch with the attorney, and helped to make that connection.

I also listened to her with respect, as a fellow human, and took the time to understand her viewpoints, even if i do not always agree.

And I have BEGGED people on both sides to think things through, try to understand all sides, speak with integrity, and behave with dignity and respect.

I admit, I have slammed Kimmer hard, but not falsely or maliciously. (Well, except for the time I called her a freakin' liar, which she is.) But, as far as I recall, I have not been unkind to anyone else.

Anyway, I feel I have earned the right to speak my mind on this, and have my opinions heard."

Although it is taking a great deal of effort on my part, I will refrain from posting my thoughts on Becky's post at this time. That's not to say, however, that I won't let fly in the future.





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OhYeahBabe said...

Don't let your friends, or even your enemies, do the Kimkins Diet!

Medusa said...

Word, OYB!

Though tempting, I also would not encourage my enemies to follow the Kimkins Diet :^)

Anonymous said...

It would appear that "boxing day" came early this year.
Kimkins Diet has always brought with it, not only SNATT, but strong opinions too.

Anonymous said...

memo to Morgan MacLeoid, 2Big, Tooter, GinaC, HoneyBee & everyone else who called Becky & Deni on their anti-Nancy whine.

All you Nancies, you know what you did & you know you did a damn fine job & the only reason the Kimmer threat is as contained as it is today is due entirely to you guys' hard work -- months & months & months of it. Nobody can take that away, nothing can dimish the reality of that truth. Especially hypocrites on pedestals.

Medusa said...

Well said, team yucky.

To diminish the effort of so many people who have spent (and continue to spend) hundreds and hundreds of hours to make people aware of the dangers of the Kimkins diet is contemptible.

Thanks so much for your comment, team yucky. BTW, your Kimkins Exhausted blog rocks.

Anonymous said...

We'd also like to call your attention to a couple of other outfreakinstanding posts at LCF in response to Becky & crew ...

http://tinyurl.com/2qkf59 by Tooter

http://tinyurl.com/2spj5u by Anipomoni

http://tinyurl.com/3yyoc4 by GinaC

Probably lots of others we haven't read that far yet.

Kat said...

Friends don't let friends do Kimkins! Remember that cover girl on the WW Mag? Well, she learned the hard way about Kimkins and it's dangers!! Read her blog and decide for yourself.


Kat said...

Now that you know the Truth...Join the Lawsuit!!