Thursday, December 13, 2007


Well, the Magic Chicken Diet website has flown the coop.

Eerily similar to the Kimkins website, it closed its virtual doors today, or the doors were closed for them. Check out Mariasol's and Kimkins Exhausted blogs for details (links posted below).

And now Slamboard weighs in:

"Questions For The Magic Chicken

"The Magic Chicken Diet has striking similarities to Kimkins and some key differences. The moderately priced lifetime membership model mirrors Kimkins to a T. A hike from an earlier amount to its present fee of just over $60 lags just behind a similar hike that occurred with Kimkins. There is an publicly available page where someone who is presumably now the webmaster of the site was asking for bids on site design. Here is one sentence from his description of the project:

'I would like it to be a clone of www. with ability to change background color and easily edited on my end as a webmaster for editing, adding pictures.'

I am not shocked by this. Web business, like every other kind of business involves attempting to replicate the success of others. One big difference here is that the founder and spokeswoman for this diet appears to be a genuine weight loss success story, with a progress slideshow and a first and last name. The question of whether this woman has a plan that involves healthy choices cannot be answered by the uninitiated. From the name, we have to assume that it involves chicken.

I do not know if this site has good information and support for weight loss. I do not know whether the owner is monetizing something with real value or just taking advantage of people. In any case, I would suggest that she change to a payment form that inspires more confidence. There are PayPal logos on the site, but the payment does not appear to be through PayPal. You fill in your credit card information on a very basic submit form."

Food for thought...


Kimkins Exhausted


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