Thursday, December 6, 2007


This posted today on LCF by Darlene41...

"Hi Everybody,

I have lurked from the very beginning. I don’t post often but I have read every post, clicked on every link, did all things (behind the scenes) that were requested, ie – send letters, searched for Russian brides (I found one), etc.

I just feel I have to give my opinion, my view if you will. This is MY opinion. Please don’t take anything personal. I’ve never had any interactions with Tippy or Heidi. I never attempted her diet. I haven’t been affected by the scam or diet. I am just an outsider sort of watching from the sidelines and have a different perspective that I want to share.

In regards to Tippy – many of you might be very disappointed. It’s not all about Tippy making a mistake. It’s way more than that. It is who she is. I see her as the neighborhood trouble maker, the family trouble maker, and a fake friend. She is very immature and reminds of junior high. Remember the girl who people really didn’t like. But, she tried to be nice and then would gossip to one girl, and then gossip to the other girl about the other girl. How about the way she speaks about her husband. I could never talk that way about my husband. It’s disrespectful and mean.

Make sense? Ya know, I have a 13 yr. old niece who is more mature than Tippy.

Also, you should be…well, maybe I’ll take that back and say that I am appalled at some of things that she has done to people. Trying to sabotage somebody’s weight loss isn’t a mistake, that is very mean, and that is the ESSENCE OF TIPPY. This isn’t about oh, I am sorry for doing that; this is something that she NEVER should have done in the first place. And, I won’t pick through everything she has done, most of you know everything.

But, do you understand, that these aren’t mistakes?

This is her, her personality, THE ESSENCE OF TIPPY.

It’s been said that people can change. Think of somebody you’ve known for many years? Have they truly, really changed their personality?, have they changed who they really are? Yes, maybe they took a different career path, maybe they’ve lost weight, maybe they changed what type music they like, but have they really changed THE ESSENCE OF THEMSELVES? No.

She wants to be the head one, the one in charge, she wants attention, even if it’s bad.

But, not because she’s a con or schemer like Heidi, but because that is the ESSENCE OF TIPPY. Personally, in my opinion, Tippy just isn’t smart enough to do what Heidi has done. (well, Heidi isn’t really that smart either because she got caught).

See, IF she is talking to the attorney, IF she is ‘trying’ to do right, it is only because she wants to be able to come back in here and have everybody praise her for doing a good job, for realizing that she made a mistake, etc. She will have all the glory and attention.

But I believe that it is for show, to get in the good graces once again, so she can do it all over again. It’s a pattern of behavior and personality.

So, I’ve said what I wanted to say. I just don’t want people who have already been hurt to be steamrolled again. And, for people who do have the forgiveness in their hearts, I admire you. I can only forgive when it’s an honest mistake. However, I don’t feel the need to forgive her, I don’t have any anger. To be honest with you, I don’t have any feelings one way or the other. Except to say, Wow! Can’t believe these people (meaning Heidi, TT, SL) are doing all of this crap. Well, I’m not angry, but I am disgusted with Heidi and her crew for what they have done and are doing.

I think it’s wonderful that we can all share our beliefs/opinions with such respect.

On another note, this entire thread has been crazy, funny, sad, full of great information and I thank all you for the work you’ve done to bring all this to light.

I feel like I know each and every one of you. And although I don’t have any feelings about the scammers and the lying liars who lie, I feel compassion for all of you. (When say 'feelings', I mean I'm not angry inside because they didn't do anything personal to me. I can't find the right words to express exactly what I'm trying to say there.

And, I do have respect for each of you and respect your beliefs.

Have a wonderful day..and back to lurking."

Excellent analysis, Darlene41!


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Unknown said...

She hits the nail on the head. I personally know Tippy and know more then anyone the things shes done. She isn't a sincere person at all. She lies through her teeth. I know the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. One of these days I might have to step in and tell what I know, and if it comes to that, I will.

Kat said...

Friends don't let friends do Kimkins! Remember that cover girl on the WW Mag? Well, she learned the hard way about Kimkins and it's dangers!! Read her blog and decide for yourself.