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"Avenue Girl said...

By allowing Tippy to quietly slip out the back door, would just send the wrong message to anyone else who gets the brilliant idea to work for a scam artist who has pulled a big con on over 20,000 people.

Kimmer/Heidi Diaz/her boss lied to her numerous times about who she was. When Tippy found out about the lies, she continued to stay and support the fraud. I don't know about you, but If I found out my boss was lying to me, I would've been long gone. There were good people in there who were admins, who took the cue to go as soon as they realized the harm the site was causing. This sent a very clear message to the followers that were in there. They wondered where their friends went and why they left.

Tippy stayed, and tried to create a "cycling" option. She was offering an experiment that had not been fully tested. Maybe her cycling technique would have worked. But here again we have people selling things they have no right to be selling and pushing. We have no scientific proof that this is a good thing to do to your body. Even she admitted there was no doctor on board that had approved the plans that were in effect.

Currently it appears it took a massive pay cut for her to see the light. What message does that send for her reasons to jump the fence? She could have easily still supported what she was doing with the diet and got a real job. And she could have denounced the diet as soon as she heard the lies. No one was forcing her to stay.

Tippy has made her own bed.

I initially made the mistake myself thinking Kimkins is ok, fat kimmy made me skinny. I was about to start promoting again, as I had done well as an affiliate. I took the time to find out why this was not a good idea. I knew the message I would be sending would not be a very good one. It was not out of fear of what others would say that I decided not to promote. It was out of respect for myself, and the message I wanted to send to other people. I would rather be broke and able to sleep at night than rich and selling snake oil.

Tippy's message reads: I will work on a sinking ship as long as I'm getting paid for it. Stop paying me and I will send a few canons your way.

I appreciate any help Tippy can give us - It's just going to be very hard to trust her after the message she has sent. Actions."

Avenue Girl said...

"What ELSE do you guys want her to do? To say that she IS VERY VERY sorry for what she has done?"

Yes. But not unless she means it. I want her to realize the full scope of her part in this scam. I think there is great potential for Tippy to help us really make a dent in taking down the site. Things she may say now can have a huge impact on who is still in the site. I personally comment not for drama, but because I care.

"Avenue Girl said...

[SNIP]....But I will warn you now, as I will warn Tippy too - Anything and everything she has published on the web in the past will be used by the nay sayers to question Tippy and her diet. Before jumping on the Tippy bandwagon, I will be digging to find the true character and integrity of Ms. Toes. If she is innocent, then she has nothing to fear.'"

"Magicsmom said...

Team Tippy, you must be a team of one. It's a lonely job, but if it's how you feel, go for it. You are far in the minority. If there are others, let them show themselves. If she is "righting the wrongs" tell us exactly how she is accomplishing it. What has she done to right the wrongs? All I've seen her do is defend herself and accept no responsibility for her complicity in Heidi's crimes. Hey come to think of it, I haven't even see her admit that Heidi committed any crimes. How do you right a wrong that you won't acknowledge?

Anonymous, having TT say she is very very sorry is like hearing Bill Clinton tell the nation he did not have sex with that woman. Telling people what they want to hear is easy, so she can save it. What we want to see is action. If she means that she is sorry, she'd better ante up and kick in to help bring Kimkins down.

You do err in assuming that TT has done nothing to hurt people personally. She has hurt many individuals. My beef with her is not about what she did at KK, it's what she did at LCF that had her banned, and what she did before that. This woman is evil, and anyone who does not believe that can have the pleasure of learning it the hard way. She didn't "make mistakes" at LCF. She stirred up trouble and lots of it. She sent e-mails and PMs to people about other people with the express intent to get people mad at each other. Then she got to stand back and watch the fireworks she created. She is still using high school tactics to cause trouble. What do I want her to do? I want her to disappear from the internet - find some other people's lives to mess with. We have had our fill of the drama that is called Tippy Toes, a.k.a. Jeannie Baitinger. As a very wise Admin at LCF said, "I forgive you - now go away!"

"anonymous said:

Tippy Toes personally hurt me. Tippy Toes bad mouthed me to several people and drove a wedge between me and others, then laughed about it. Tippy Toes told me things before she took the job at Kimkins. She is not exempt from blame because she joined the Kimkins team AFTER the fraud was confirmed. She knew Kimmer was a fraud but took the job anyway. She lied on TV in front of thousands of people and I can prove it.

Tippy Toes will never get her reputation back because of everything she did. She was not scammed, she was one of the scammers. She has lied, played with people, pretended friendship and then backstabbed those friends. It will be very hard to forgive her. Do unto others as you will have those do unto you. Do you think Tippy wants us all to treat her as she has treated the people of LCF and Kimkins? I doubt it because frankly what shes done to people is reprehensible. Some of you were not recieving end of all the hateful things she had done, count yourself lucky.

If Tippy starts a site of her own then I hope it is a FREE site. If she charges then she is no better then Kimmer because I know its all about money for Tippy and if she does create a site for money I will come forward with everything that I know and she will be along side of Kimmer. Its funny how you say shes helped thousdands of people. Your head seems just as big as hers." (BOLDING MINE)


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Anonymous said...

I am sorry,but I don't think it is about the money. I think she was no longer important there. Most members left at KK seem to be all about support and friendship. They have developed stronge friendships and TT was an after thought. I also think she knows now that Heidi will not support her when the ship goes down, and is making a last ditch effort to squirm out of any legal problems . She has no shame.