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NOTE: All quotes in green below are from Tippy Toes' new apology, the body of which you will find in the next post down in my blog.

"Snippets of Flippy:

For the rest reading this I just wanted to make one thing clear. I do not believe the Kimkins diet is harmful if medically supervised and with proper supplements and calories over 800 (more is better). I am sorry if this is offensive but I just cannot lie about it. I have lost over 68 lbs on Kimkins in cycle rounds. What is wrong with Kimkins, in my opinion, is pushing the plan behind the plan, cutting calories lower and lower... This I do believe is extremely dangerous and I would never advise such.

I’m so glad you clarified your position on Kimkins. It’s important to me to know what you believe. And your credentials are … ? Oh, I forgot you were subcontracting as the PR Director for Kimkins for two months. What else is on your resume? What are your other qualifications? And since we all know that Heidi has no medical/nutritional credentials to design a diet program, you must think that you do since your opinions are supposed to be so valuable. So what are those credentials? The nutrionist on the M & J Show wasn't too impressed with your credentials. Maybe because you didn't have any?

You offer us a critique of Kimkins and your disapproval of the plan behind the plan. Where do you think the plan behind the plan came from? Now, come on, you know Kimmer advocated all that crap before was even started. Anyone (you) who went to from LCF knew exactly what the diet was about, and anyone (you) who feigns ignorance and innocence about the plan behind the plan is being conveniently forgetful. The plan behind the plan was/is Kimkins.

My problem with Kimkins is not the diet. It is the founder, the starvation advice I now know that was previously given by her and the dishonesty that followed.

You now know? You didn’t know about the starvation advice that she offered when she was on LCF? You didn’t know about that advice when you followed her to Kimkins? You didn’t know about that advice when Christin left Kimkins, and Becky left Kimkins, and Deni left Kimkins? You didn’t know about that advice when it was posted, for all to see, on LCF and on Kimkins? You didn’t know about that advice when there were multiple fascination threads on LCF and hundreds of other boards and blogs? You went on television three weeks ago to promote Kimkins, and you didn't know that Heidi offered starvation advice? As PR Director, there sure was an awful lot that you didn’t know. You might want to leave that PR job off your resume. It doesn’t speak highly of your skills.

I have a problem that she is accepting money from new members knowing her site is (in her words) unstable. I feel bad for existing members who may soon find themselves with no home base or support.

As recently as a month ago, you didn’t have a problem when people paid 49.95 as long as your money was paid every month. Seems a little suspicious that you didn’t get this compassionate awareness until your money stopped coming in.

I do apologize to Christin and Deni. I am very sorry I accused you both of setting poor examples as moderators. I now understand you were following the advice and orders from a woman you thought was 118lbs and on maintenance for 5 years. Please forgive me.

You now understand? Exactly WHAT caused this epiphany on your part? Was it when the paychecks stopped?

As far as scrubbing the site I have no idea what people really mean by that.

Oh for heaven’s sake. Why is it that when you don’t want to be honest about
something, your posts are littered with “I don’t know” and “I don’t understand”.

I ask that you try to have patience for Kimkins members. This is not going to be easy for them should the site close.

When have we not had patience with Kimkins members? Any time someone comes here, as a former Kimkins member, they are embraced. You’re trying to come across as someone very concerned about the Kimkins members. Too bad you weren’t concerned when Kimkins members were being thrown off the site when their only infraction was to voice a concern or a difference of opinion. Those people needed support too, but you obviously weren’t too concerned about them. Whether you personally pushed the ban button is not the issue. As long as your money continued to come in, you did nothing to stand up for the members that you now claim to care so much about.

It's obvious that you don't 'get it' and that speaks volumes about your character."

Thank you, JoanieOrchard, for your excellent dissection. JoanieOrchard's original post on LCF can be found here:

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Anonymous said...

AN EXAMINATION & DISSECTION OF TIPPY TOES?! Oh so now you've all gone from cutting her down, to cutting her up.

Kat said...

Friends don't let friends do Kimkins! Remember that cover girl on the WW Mag? Well, she learned the hard way about Kimkins and it's dangers!! Read her blog and decide for yourself.