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JoanieOrchard at LCF drops a bomb!

"Ok, at the risk of sounding like I’m beating a dead horse, I have got to bring this up again because no one else commented on it, yet when I read Amy’s words, this idea jumped off the page at me.Go back and reread what Amyb posted. Now I know we can speculate all night long about what is going on. The ONLY thing she wanted to know about was Flippy. Nothing else was asked. After all that has been exposed and written these last months, WHY would Amy suddenly be asking about Flippy?As far as Kimkins, Flippy is gone from the radar. Why would Amy care about Flippy so suddenly?

She then went on to say:

Originally Posted by Amyb1569

There are reasons I want/ need to know more about all this. I am a trusting person and sometimes that leads me to be naive or make bad decisions.

You know what guys? The more I think about this, the more I think about the rumors that Flippy is starting her own site, the more I am certain that she is trying to drag AmyB into it. Now maybe I’m getting all fired up about nothing, but just the thought that Flippy might be recruiting and using Amy infuriates me.

Think about it! She can't recruit from the people she's already banned. Her only 'pool' would be the people STILL on the Kimkins site. It makes such perfect sense to me, and had Amy not posted earlier asking only about Flippy, it never would have occurred to me that Flippy might be balzy enough to actively recruit so soon.

What better way for Flippy to get back at Heidi than to start her own site? AND, to add insult to injury, if she gets AmyB and her friends out of Kimkins, she would really be sticking it to Heidi. Talk about Flippy flippin' someone the bird. And I just KNOW she will do it at the expense of people like AmyB. Drag them into a site that's bound to be filled with drama and disappointment.

I’ll write it the way I see it, and yes I won’t have it all right, but I would put money on a lot of it being right. I’d BET that Flippy contacted Amy when Amy was banned, and I’ll just BET that she approached Amy about either starting a site together or starting a site where Amy is a moderator or something. If I have to write it, it wouldn’t surprise me if maybe Flippy told her to approach Heidi to get back on the site. Maybe this way, Amy would be better able to reach out to the members there.

Anyone who thinks that Flippy is going to just walk away and be satisfied with posting on her blog, I think, is sadly mistaken.

Ok, how much money or how many sugar cookies do you all want to bet on this?

I know Amy is an adult, and she is more than capable of making her own decisions, but after the year she’s had, it makes me sick to think that she might now be suckered in by Flippy. And I can only hope that, if this is true, that Flippy is not asking her for money.

And Amy, if you are reading this, please think again. How good a friend was Flippy to you before she needed you for something? And I'll say something else again, if you aren't happy with the existing low carb sites and boards, and you want to leave Kimkins, you don't need Flippy to get you out of there. SHE needs YOU. Be sure you understand that. If I'm right on this, please consider a site of your own that has no affiliation whatsoever with Flippy. You are just inviting trouble.

Please, I urge everyone to go back and read her words again, and ask yourself, WHY is she so interested in Flippy? Why didn't anyone else notice this? Honeybee, Missi, Bama ---- where ARE you? Didn't any of you pick up on this?

I just know I'm right. I know it. I know it. I know it."


And later in the LCF thread, JoanieOrchard posts:

Originally Posted by **Lola**

What difference would it make to you all if Tippy toes starts her own site? I mean she actually did lose a lot of weight unlike Kimmer.If it was a pay site, I don't see why anyone would join when there are free places all over the net, but still isn't that her business if she chooses to start another site (especially since she apparently isn't welcome on a few other ones)?

It makes a difference to me because I think Heidi and Flippy are cut from the same cloth. It makes a difference to me because while I only know AmyB from her words on here and her words on her son's Caring Bridge site, I happen to like her. I see how hard it is for her to break away from Kimkins, and I would hate for her to end up someplace else that might not be good for her. Flippy's theatrics are well known and well documented, and I would hate to see Amy, or anyone else, get involved with anything that Flippy has a part of.

It makes a difference to me because while Heidi is doing everything she can to salvage Kimkins, I'm not convinced that this isn't something she might be a part of.

It makes a difference to me because once again, Flippy would be out there dispensing her diet advice - something she just isn't qualified to do. Just because she lost a large amount of weight does not mean that she is a diet expert, yet that is exactly what she professes to be when she makes her claims to the "low carb community".

It makes a difference to me because I really do feel that, if this is true, she is trying to take advantage of someone who just doesn't deserve it. We are all vulnerable, but my take on it is that Flippy selected the most vulnerable one of all, and that bothers me.

And on a more personal level, it makes a difference to me because frankly, I just don't like her. I don't like how she treated so many of the Kimkins members. I don't like that she threw so many people off the site. And I have no reason to believe that if she has a site of her own that she's going to act any differently.

I could be wrong on all this, but I just don't think so."

JoanieOrchard, I like the way you think. Don't think for a moment that you "could be wrong on all this."

I think you are definitely on to something here. Great detective work, great catch and great posts! Kudos to you!

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Anonymous said...

I hate that Kimkins victims are being set up to be victimized again. I hope everyone's too smart to fall for it this time.

Kat said...

Friends don't let friends do Kimkins! Remember that cover girl on the WW Mag? Well, she learned the hard way about Kimkins and it's dangers!! Read her blog and decide for yourself.