Saturday, December 1, 2007


Well, Tippy's sojourn at Eating Low with Amy was short and not so sweet. Amy posted this message this evening on LCF:

"Tippy is no longer on our forum. I was willing to give her a chance but other people didn't want her there. In the end, it was too much drama so she's gone.

All posts by her have been deleted and we have deleted some of the threads that got a little hot so that we can start over fresh. I was saddened both by what old members and new members posted so I don't want anyone to think I'm singling anyone out. I honestly almost shut down my forum because I just don't need this stress in my life.

Everyone is welcome over there. I only had issues because some people joined, posted something in the Tippy thread and left. I also had people joining with all kinds of crazy names which to me said they just wanted to start stuff. I know people wanted to address Tippy because she was finally speaking outside of KK, but it just sucked that it happened on my board. I posted here because lots of people read the stuff here and I knew my plea for peace would be seen. I had posted over on my forum as well, but I wanted as many people to see it as possible because I was very upset and needed an end to this. I'm just one person over there, not a big gigantic board with teams of admins so it was all a bit overwhelming.

At this point, let's all just let this drop. She's not over there anymore. I won't post over here either so that this can all just end. Thanks."

You will note Amy mentions all of Tippy's posts were deleted from her forum. However, you will find Tippy's most telling post in my blog here at the following link:

Tippy, here's a hint for you: If you plan on joining another low-carb forum, perhaps use a less conspicuous pseudonym (e.g. "Pwned!" or "ShitHappens" or "LiarLiar" or "ItsAllAboutMe" or "IfYouLieDownWithDogs") Hope this helps, Tippy.

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