Wednesday, December 12, 2007


In her blog, Winning Weight Loss, Becky crunched some numbers on the daily caloric level that is STILL being promoted at Kimkins. It is truly shocking.

Check Becky's post on Winning Weight Loss here:

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OhYeahBabe said...

Thanks for the heads up, Medusa. There is just no repairing Kimkins. It's like the old expression - you can put lipstick on the pig but you still can't take her to the dance. What a nightmare.

WildAngel6 said...

Thank you for the heads up, Medusa.

I'm heading over to Becky's Blog to check it out.

It's really a shame that the folks at just don't get it. While it may SOUND good when they say it, if you crunch the numbers it's still VERY deficient.

I just can't imagine how the Kimkins folks can sleep at night, knowing they are telling folks it's good to starve themselves like that.

I really wish they would look at every member as if it were their own daughter doing the Kimkins Diet and learning how to become anorexic.
Maybe that would help them to look at it differently?

Kat said...

Friends don't let friends do Kimkins! Remember that cover girl on the WW Mag? Well, she learned the hard way about Kimkins and it's dangers!! Read her blog and decide for yourself.

Kat said...

Now that you know the Truth...Join the Lawsuit!!

Kat said...

Now that you know the Truth...Join the Lawsuit!!