Saturday, January 12, 2008


I have been provided with a copy of JANE DOE'S JOURNAL at Kimkins, the most recent entry being made by her on January 11, 2008. As well, screen shots have been made of her entire Journal.

There are many disturbing entries in JANE DOE'S JOURNAL and because some are of a personal nature, I will not be posting her journal on my blog. Suffice it to say, JANE DOE is in peril, teetering on the precipice.

I did receive this interesting comment from Anonymous today on one of my previous blog posts, FROM MY MOLE INSIDE THE KIMPOUND: KIMMER RESPONDS... :

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "FROM MY MOLE INSIDE THE KIMPOUND: KIMMER RESPONDS...":

whatever problems you have with the kimkins diet did you have to do this to them (JANe DOE). I myself have recently started the kimkins diet after seeing the mike and julie show after seeing all the negative affects posted on these websites. However I am over 18 I can by cigarettes if i wanted to and the are pretty darn sure to cause cancer and probably kill me. MY point is an adult has the option to decide what choices they want to make. I read jane doe's post after you humiliated her here.she is so down and depressed at your invasion it had me in tears . This is a problem she has always had and instead of you keeping your battle with heidi you broke down a woman who wasnt whole to start with but was managing small battls with her own demons. If you feel heidie manipulated you fine gloves off go on with you own personal battle. But there is so much information avaiable on the kimkins diet we grown women and men are going in with our eyes wide open. Its not illegal to go on a diet. is it? Stop trying to persucute the women on his site. and play fair they havent done anything but execute there persute of happiness as deranged a choice YOU MAY THINK THEY HAVE MADE it is still there choice to make. This is america right.........................................Why not think about what your doing.sometimes it is more dangerous then what you are trying to stop. besides I never heard of someone trying to ter down the ones they are trying to call the victims. "


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Anonymous said...


All of those spelling errors by that "anonymous" ! It sort of makes one wonder if bad spelling/grammar is one of the side effects of Kimkins?

Whenever I see a pro-Kimkins post/blog, spelling/grammar errors are prevalent...maybe that will go away when they stop doing Kimkins?

*looks at her spacing in her comment* EEK!

I really wish people would stop being pulled into this fraud, though. Keep up the good work! Many of us appreciate your efforts and I'm happy that there are people who are following your blog and staying away from the Dangerous Diet Scam Known As Kimkins.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why you keep thinking Heidi wrote these comments, she did not. I guess you just have convinced yourself that nobody else in the world can think for themselves huh? Wow you have problems lady.

Anonymous said...

WOW Kimmer must be reading The FWK topic cause she included spelling errors even this dyslexic could spot!

Thank you medusa for trying to help Jane Doe and rescue her from

Anonymous said...

You're not rescuing anyone from anything. Just driving them underground. Lord, people, just leave everyone over at KK alone. We don't need nor want your help! I thought your focus was supposed to be Kimmer?

Anonymous said...

I'm a different Anonymous, and I don't think that was Heidi. There was too much compassion for Jane, and she offered an rational if misguided explanation for asking to be left alone. What she doesn't seem to understand is that as long as Heidi promotes both fraud and ill health, that the ducks will be quacking after her. That includes trying to open the eyes of her followers. Since we can't tell the deliberately obtuse from the genuine innocent, we try to rescue them all. A#1 obviously resents our efforts. Very well, ignore her.(A#1, be sure to identify yourself so we don't offer unwanted help!)

Anonymous said...

It makes me sad that people are soo desperate to make Kimmer pay for the things she has done that they do not care who they hurt along the way. I can't spell and I admit it, but I am not Kimmer. I am however a friend of Shiphips and it bothers me that she has been personally attacked becasue of the choices she has made. If you chose to buy a car and not an SUV should we attack you? OKay it is all over the internet and all over TV and all over magazines too probably that Kimmer lied and that people are taking her to court. OKay so it is low fat and low calorie. If an adult who hasstruggled with their weight chooses to do the plan, leave them alone. We all make choices that SOMEONE may not agree with, but they are our choices to make, not yours. Yes, I do Kimkins, to the tee? No. Do I fail? Yes, alot. That is my busines and my choice and I am soo sick of all the moles, and all the anti crap that I think people should just move on and get over it. Gee!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous not #1 here again. Any comments I saw about Jane Doe, claimed by Shiphips to be her, were not personal attacks. Anyone (sorry, not A#1) with half an eye can see that concern for her wellbeing was uppermost. And some comments were from those who had Been There, Done That. Those are the kind of people that would try to prevent someone jumping from a bridge, too. Stupid people! You can't prevent a determined suicider, whether it's fast, or slow a la Kimkins.And KK'ers don't want us to try.